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Innocent Boy Taught by Auntie

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Well this story happened a long time ago when I was eleven years old, but it's completely true and I still think about it while I masturbate to this very day.

During the summer holidays I had gone to stay with my aunt, uncle and cousins for a week while my parents redecorated our house in London. It was exciting for me just to be away from home on my own adventure. My cousins lived in a touristy town in the north of England so we spent a couple of days sightseeing and doing all that kind of thing. At nights I slept on a camp bed in their cluttered box room.

On the morning of my third day there I woke up about ten o'clock and sleepily decided to have a shower. I cleaned up and, with a towel wrapped round my naked body, left the bathroom to return to my bedroom. All my cousins had left the house to go to their summer school and my aunt and uncle had left to go to work. Or so I thought!

As I walked along the landing I glanced into my aunt's bedroom, the door of which was open. What I saw caused me to stop dead with my eyes wide and my mouth gaping... My aunt standing in front of her full-length mirror completely naked. I will never forget the sight of the beautiful soft round orbs of her breasts and the dark triangle of her pussy. I had never seen a naked woman before, not even my mother. I felt the familiar tightening of my testicles and the tingling sensation of a hard-on creep up down below.

My aunt saw me and turned to me with a little smile. 'I'm...sorry...' I stammered as I tried desperately to tear my gaze away from her breasts. 'Oh, don't be silly Ben,' she said. 'We don't worry about that kind of thing here... The boys have grown up being comfortable with nakedness. It's perfectly natural after all!' I half smiled and, with my little cock straining at the towel, hurriedly shut myself into my bedroom.

Wow, was I horny, although I didn't really know what I was feeling. I certainly didn't know about masturbation or how to get rid of this raging erection. I sat there on the damp towel looking at my little flag pole. I needed a release, I knew that much; I just didn't know what to do.

My dilemma was interrupted by a knock at the door. My heart froze but before I had time to cover myself up my aunt had pushed open the door anyway and stood there in all her wonderful naked glory. Oh my god. She was looking down at my crotch with a little smile on her pretty face. 'You're probably a bit young to know what to do with that erection, aren't you?' she asked.

'..er...' I could barely speak, let alone answer her. 'Your cousins went through the same thing when they were your age. Would you like me to help?' I just about managed to squeak 'Yes please Auntie,' before she sat down next to me on the towel. I could feel the rough damp cotton against my bottom and her smooth flesh pressing against my thigh.

Taking my right hand in hers she made me grasp my stiff little cock. Keeping her hand clasped tightly over mine she gently started moving it up and down the shaft. The feeling was amazing. 'You'll find this helps a lot,' she breathed gently into my ear. 'It's perfectly natural for a boy to need relief. But sometimes they don't work out what they need to do on their own. It's only fair that someone shows you, I think. It's called masturbation, or wanking, and you'll probably want to do it for the rest of your life.'

She gradually increased the speed of the strokes and as she did so I felt almost dizzy with pleasure. This was incredible. It probably wasn't more than thirty seconds before I felt a powerful sensation build in my testicles. I knew something wonderful was about to happen. I think my aunt could feel the same because she increased the speed even more and, grabbing my left hand, placed it firmly onto her left breast. I could feel the hard nipple against my palm and the soft roundness filling my eager hand.

Then it was like nothing I'd ever felt before, a huge wave of pleasure and I looked in fascination as a big rope of white semen flung itself out of my cock.

For a moment there was quiet apart from my the sound of my heaving breaths. Then my aunt leant towards me and whispered, 'I think you needed that! You probably won't need my help again, but let me know if you do.' And with a little kiss on the cheek she got up and left me on my own, staring at the little white puddle of cum slowly gathering on my tummy.



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