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In the Shower with Elle

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We were 13 and I will never forget my very first time with Elle. We still get together today and have some fun but we do more than just fingering.


Elle my best friend taught me to masturbate when we were 13. We were in her room talking about boys and who we liked at school which lead into who we would kiss and have sex with when we were called to have a shower. We always showered together at sleepovers, our parents didnt seem to mind and stuff.

We got our pajamas and went for our shower and as we took off our clothes it wouldnt be anything nee to look at each other and see how much more developed we were getting. As we turned the shower on and got in we washed ourselves than washed each others hair and thats when elle said she was horny from the chats we were having just before.

She said she needed to masturbate and asked me if I would mind but I told her I didnt know what she was talking about. She didnt believe me but I ensured her I didnt and she just told me to watch and than id know.the shower was bigger than most showers so we were voth able to sit in the shower floor. As we sat down elle placed her legs so they were beside me.

She said watch and as her hand moved to her little pussy which just had the slightest ammount of black pubic hair on it, she pulled apart her pussy lips and started to rub this one spot. I looked her in the face and she seemed to be enjoying it. With her other hand she slightly pinched her budding nipples.

It was than I started to get all tingly between my legs and felt I needed to rub myself but I didnt. I looked back at her pussy and it was than she said shit its happening. Her body began to shudder and her breathing got heavier and she was starting to moan a little louder than she was but bit her lip to try and stay quiet. I didnt know what was happening as I watched but the expressions on her face said to me she liked it alot and that made me want to do it.

After she calmed down she said to me that she felt better now and I asked what happened, she told me she just had an orgasm and it feels really goos and that I should try it. After a little encouragement I place my legs so they eere beside Elle and started to rub myself but even know I was tingling down there it just didnt feel that good.

It was than Elle said I needed to hurry up we have been in the shower to long. I told her not to worry about it and I was just about to get up when she said she would do it for me. I trusted her that she wouldn't hurt me so I put my legs beside her again and she reached forward and touched my little pussy. I jumped at first cause someone was touching me there for the first time but Elle told me to relax.

She told me to pull my pussy lips apart so I reached down to my bare little pussy and pulled my lips apart. Elle reached over and touched this hard nub looking thing which I later found out was a clit. She started to rub it and omg I felt tingly all over, I even got goosebumps as I started to moan just like elle did. My breathing got really heavy almost to the point I couldnt breathe properly, my body started shaking violently as Elle started to rub faster. I got real tense and told Elle to stop and that I really needed to pee and Elle was like your in the shower so it doesnt matter if you do pee.

I closed my eyes as I lost total control of my body and I blacked out for what felt like hours but was only 2 minutes. As I calmed down elle had a big smile on her face and asked how I felt and I said amazing and I wanted to do it again and she said we can when we go to bed and ill even teach you to finger yourself and maybe you could masturbate me to. I agreed and elle said we should probably get out before we got in trouble. Elle stood up and held her hands out to help me up but I felt that weak like I couldnt move but elle decided to turn off the hot water which got me up pretty quickly.

We got out of the shower and got dressed and went back to elles room where we talked about what had happen and she explained to me in more detail what we just did. That night when bedtime came we had the best time. But im horny now and need to finger myself so I'll share part 2 with you all soon.

Happy masturbating guys :)



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