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In My Room

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I just got a laptop to do school work in my room. I love it, I can do research papers, homework, and not fight with the family for computer time. Plus I get the privacy of my room to look at porn and Solo Touch all day!

The laptop is on a table that I use as a desk right next to my bed. I can lie on my bed and see the screen and touch the keyboard if I reach far enough. I've already masturbated in bed to Solo Touch stories. Right now I'm sitting here in my chair wearing nothing but socks and lightly brushing my semi-hard six inch dick. I have some lotion with me too. I'm doing all of these things as I describe them.

I like to lightly tickle my balls until they shrink up close to my body. Then I like to feel my firm ball-sack and then run my fingers up my shaft and around my cock-head. Then I cup my balls with my left hand and press my forearm against the shaft. I don't know why but it feels good to press my hips forward and my arm against my shaft and hold my balls. It's instinctive to lunge forward with my hips and it sends a chill through me.

Sometimes I'll grab my shaft and move the skin up and down. I am circumsized but I have some movement and I can get off by just moving the skin up and down with a little pain but it feels good. Once I am so aroused I almost can't stand it. I lube up my right hand and then rub lotion all over my cock and balls. Once they are well coated I slowly go up and down my shaft, not touching my cock head to tease myself. Then I want it really bad and I go full on for a few seconds until I feel close (I can cum in twenty seconds or less, I'm such a minute man). When I'm almost to the point of no return I stop. Usually my dick will throb like its ejaculating but nothing will come out. Then a few minutes later I stroke again.

I can only do this about two or three times before I can't stop myself. I've been stroking in the chair but I'm going to get on my bed now. I'm laying on my back (except when I type) with my legs spread massaging my balls with my left hand and jacking with the right. By now my breathing is heavy and my hand is making the squeegy noise as it goes up and down. I'm a quiet ejaculator I usually never moan unless someone else is stimulating me. Once I get close I hold it for as long as I can until each time I go down my body spasms and the cum starts to launch out of me. One good stream hits my stomach and the rest shoots a little shorter each time. After I cum I lay still for about ten minutes in pure bliss of mind and body. Then I clean up with paper towels, flush them, and get dressed.

Masturbation is so relaxing. I think I'll take a day off work and school one day to jack off ALL DAY LONG!

Gotta go, hope you like my story!



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