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I'll Never Forget this Night

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I have been enjoying this site for a while but never wrote anything. I thought it was about time to try my hand (so to speak... ) at writing.


I have been masturbating for close to 40 years. I started when I found an erotic book in my brother's book shelf. When I read it, I developed a hard on and well... One thing led to another, and I had my first cum. Since then, I've been hooked. The joy I find while I jerk myself off is comforting, satisfying and just down right feels good. That joy I found leads me to a night I will never forget. And it's that story I tell you now.

I met Joan at a bar near where I work, and over the course of a few months we became friends. We were both fresh out of a failed relationship and had no intention of starting a new one, but did enjoy each others company. We have this ability to talk about anything and soon found we had this mutual enjoyment of masturbation. She told me how she liked to strip when she got home, and just lay on her bed running her hands over her round body, feeling the sensation of her own touch. She told me her nipples are very sensitive and loved pinching them to the point of discomfort and feeling that shiver run straight to her clit. Her vibrator, "Verbie" she called it , would not be too far from the bed and she would finish herself off using it. I, in turn would tell her how I used a very soft cotton tee shirt, folded just right, wrapped around my cock, and had the feeling of a smooth pussy. I told her my nipples were very sensitive also, and how I would tease them as I worked the tee shirt over my cock.

All this talk of how we both enjoyed ourselves led to one erotic evening. She asked me to her place and I quickly accepted. When we walked into her apartment, I could almost smell her scent. Joan is a big woman, but not overly large. Her tits are more than two handfuls, and I was looking forward to enjoying them. Joan has a soft, round and as I soon found out, extremely responsive body. After a nervous drink on the couch, I leaned over and kissed her. Her lips parted and enveloped my probing tongue. The kisses we exchanged were hot, wet and delicious. Both of our breathing became quicker and hotter as we soon found our hands all over each other. The couch became too small so I suggested we move to the bed room. But before we got in bed, I really needed a shower to scrub the day's dirt off. I headed to the bathroom and got in the shower. I loudly asked for her to join me, and this turned out to be a "save the water shower". The first time I saw her naked was when she stepped into the stall shower wearing only a shy mischievous smile. With the water cascading over her body, she looked just so damn sensual I knew I had to get her soapy and run my hands over her soft fleshy curves. What really surprised was, each time I told her to do something to help me wash her, like raise her arms, spread her legs, I heard her gasp with pleasure. I took this and ran with it, finding out she enjoyed being told what to do. I had her washing my hair, my back and told her to pay particular attention my now rock hard cock. After we got out of the shower I dried her and told her to light some candles, put on some nice music, and find an outfit she thought was "appropriate". As she walked out of the bathroom, I could see the excitement in her eyes as well as the way her nipples were standing hard and proud. Then I finished drying myself and waited until I could hear no movement before I entered the bed room.

She didn't disappoint me at all. The room looked as sensual as the evening was becoming. I found her lying on the bed looking like a fantasy. She had chosen a cream silk night gown with lace and all the "pretty girly stuff" around the low cut collar. One arm was behind her head, her legs were spread slightly enough to just hide her pussy. I could see her taunt nipples as they pressed against the silk. She was a sight to behold as I just stood there and gazed at this lovely creature.

As she started to speak, I put my finger to my lips and said "Shhhhh.. Don't say a word". Her breathing became harder. I knelt at the side of the bed and whispered into her ear, "Do you trust me?"
She looked at me and whispered back "Yes".
"Will you do anything I ask?", I said.
"Tonight I am going to torture you with patience. If at any time you feel discomfort of mind or body, you will tell me 'Uncle'. Until I hear the word 'Uncle' you can say 'no, stop, quit it.. What ever... I will not stop doing what I'm doing to you. But when I hear 'Uncle' I will stop and hold you, and make you feel like a Queen. Do you understand what I'm saying?"
All I heard was a soft, "Yes". That 'Yes' was music to my ears. It had so much emotion all wrapped in one single simple three letter word. It was shy, innocent, excitement, want, desire, passion and lust all rolled into one.

I then leaned over and kissed her ever so lightly on the lips. She reached out and started to hug me. I backed away and smiled a devilish grin. "No" I said. "You will do as I tell you to do, nothing more, and nothing less. Do you understand?"
A disappointed yet excited "Yes", was the answer.
I then leaned over again and kissed her again softly on the lips. I started to push my tongue into her mouth and this time she didn't part her lips. I backed off again and told her, "You gave me permission to do as I wished. You are also to respond to my desires." I saw her smile a knowing smile and I gave that kiss again. This time she responded in a way that had blood surging in my cock. I could feel we were about to have a lot of fun.

I started to run my hands ever so lightly over the silk and felt the smoothness of the material. I could feel the heat of her body and the rising and falling of her chest. I could smell the sweetness of her own scent again as she became aroused. I took my good ol'e time savoring every inch of her body. I touched her arms, neck, sides, belly, thighs, knees, ankles, toes, and then back again, but never touching any erogenous zones. She was moving ever so slightly as did this, and I could see her need to be erotically touched, building. This was getting fun...

I asked her, "Do you want me to feel your breast?"
"No", I said. "Touch yourself. Show me how you touch your breast."
I watched in amazement as she brought her hands to her breast and cupped each one. I watched as she lightly ran her finger tips over the silk encased nipples and saw them grow harder. I saw that look of pure abandonment as she rocked her head from side to side, eyes closed, caressing her nipples. Her mouth parted and she licked her lips. I couldn't resist those moist lips and kissed her softly. As we broke from the kiss, I asked, "Are you Ok?"
"Yes", she whispered. With that, a smile came to her face.
"You are so sensual My Dear, so sensual indeed. Shall we continue?"
I moved to the bed and sat beside her. By then, I had to take hold of my cock and stroke it slowly as I watched her still playing with her tits through the silk. I rubbed her belly and thighs and felt her legs open slightly.
"Is your pussy getting wet?"
"Show me how wet you are."
With the slowest of movement she glided one hand to the hem of the nightie. I watched as she brought it up and over the black hairs of her pussy. I watched as her hand went between her legs and into her crotch. I saw her wiggle her fingers, then brought the hand up for me to see. I took hold of her wrist, leaned over and inhale her musky moisture. I then licked her fingers and smiled.
"You taste wonderful. My God Girl, do you know how good you taste?"
To my surprise, she said "Yes". It was the same monotone whisper she had used ever since we started.
"Let me watch you taste yourself."
I thought I was going a bit too far with this request, but she dipped her hand back to her pussy and when it was covered with her juices, she looked me square in the eye and licked each finger clean, while sounding "Mmmm", over and over again. I really started to stroke myself faster this time. She was incredible.
"Play with yourself", I ordered, this time sounding more commanding. She shivered, and I saw the "goose bumps" grow on her arm, as she went straight for her pussy. I saw the look of relief as she ran her fingers along the soft folds of the outer lips, then to the hooded clit, back to the lips, dip a finger inside of her for moisture and back to the touching motion she enjoyed so much. The look on her face was pure lust and enjoyment and I had to smile, knowing she was under my control. We watched each other masturbate for a while longer, until I saw her look to the night stand with desire.
"Is that where Verbie is?", I asked.
"Go ahead and get him."
I continued to stroke myself as I watched her turn the vibrator on softly and place it to her clit. She jumped a little when Verbie made contact, and I had to smile again. She worked that buzzing toy all around her pussy and was wiggling all over the bed. I could tell she was close to coming and to be honest I was too.
"Damn, you look so sexy. Cum for me, Baby. Come on, that's right. Cum for me, Joan. Ahh shit, Girl, you are so damn sexy. Come on... Come on..."
Then she tilted her head back and gave a delightful moan and scream...For the first time since we started our little game, she said more than one word. "I'm cumming... Oh Shit.. I'm cumming, David.. Cum with me too. Cum all over me. Please David, cum with me."
Well, that did it for me. I knelt over her, and stroked harder and faster and came on her belly, thighs and on that pretty silk night gown she had hiked up to just under her tits. I collapsed next to her.

She turned to me and asked, "Can I talk now?"
My only response, was a soft, "Yes".
"That was fantastic", she said. She kissed me and told me to hold her. We lay there in silence together, her cuddled up to me, with my arms around her for what seemed like an eternity. Then she turned and proper herself on her elbows, and said, "Next time, I tell you what to do." But that's another story...

Oh, by the way... I never heard the word 'Uncle'.



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