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I Saw the Babysitter Topless

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When I was 13-years-old, I was visiting my best friend's house when I needed to urinate. The only way to the bathroom was through the room of my friend's older sister (age 19), who happened to baby sit my younger sister and me each Saturday night. I knocked on Zoe's door and she replied, 'Come In!' As I did so, I was stunned to see Zoe sitting on her bed in jeans, but topless! Her very large watermelon-shaped breasts sat in full view and I instinctively turned away. 'It's okay!' Zoe said. I looked back at my beautiful babysitter...her olive skin, reddish-brown hair with blonde highlights...My penis, already erect from a full bladder, became even harder in my pants. Zoe noticed the bulge in my jeans, just as I realized that my younger sister (age 9), was standing next to Zoe. Zoe's breathing was rapid and a few drops of perspiration were evident in the deep valley between her breasts. Her hands moved in and out of her unbuttoned jeans. Had our sweet babysitter been masturbating? She asked Amy to leave the room.
At that point, I was terrified when Zoe motioned for me to walk over to her. My pounding heart threatened to explode inside my chest as Zoe pulled me down to her and kissed my lips gently. 'I said that it's okay, Michael. Relax!' At that point she cuddled my head in her arms and my face was buried in her exposed cleavage. I could hear Zoe's strong heartbeat for the first time as my left ear was inadvertently placed to her chest. I think that the mother-child psyche took over and I strongly desired to nurse. Surprisingly, I became brave and engulfed the nipple of her left breast in my mouth. Zoe moaned and instructed me to suck, if I so desired. I licked around her large, pinkish areolas and sucked her nipples with abandon, tasting my babysitter's salty sweat and tender mammaries. 'Don't forget the other one!' Zoe said. I repeated the gesture on her right breast.
Now, I had forgotten my need to pee.
Zoe, apparently further aroused by the circumstances (I doubt that my virgin lips had done the trick), removed her jeans entirely and started to touch her clitoris with her right index finger, causing it to throb. I had never masturbated before, but I removed my jeans and underpants and began to rub the tip of my cock with my right hand, in simulation with Zoe's actions. Soon, Zoe climaxed with a muffled series of shrieks and I was ignorant enough to ask her if she was okay. 'Oh, yeah!!!' she replied. 'Are you gonna come, too?' she asked. I did not really know what she meant. 'You're doing it the wrong way!' she said, observing my pathetic attempts at self-pleasure. 'Move your hand like this.' She put her hand on mine and moved my hand over the entire length of my penis in an up-and-down motion. Quickly, I realized a difference in the feeling. I was getting very strong sensations in my penis - very powerful, indeed! Without warning, I shot three spurts of semen that traveled a few feet each and landed audibly on the carpet. I knew that what I had just experienced was my first ejaculation. I was out of breath and collapsed in Zoe's breast cleavage again. 'What a good boy,' she said several times. Zoe even took a drop or two of leftover semen from the tip of my penis and rubbed it into her breasts.
Life was perfect, until my friend and his mother entered the room unexpectedly.
'What is going on in here? Zoe, get your shirt on! What is that stuff on the carpet that I just stepped in?'



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