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I Got the Note!

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Great site!


I really like this site and I want to share what happened about two weeks ago with my step brother.

My dad remarried two years ago, and I have a step brother 16 and little sister who is 10 years old. My step brother is really good looking and I liked him since we first met, but of course he's my step brother so I didn't ever say anything or try to come on to him, but I sure liked looking at him when we go in our friend's pool!

He is real tall for his age and slender but still muscular. He looks so great in trunks and has a great build. My step mom has olive skin and dark hair and so does my step brother with blue eyes. He's beautiful!

My girlfriend is always talking about sex and has sex on the brain so she and I were kidding with him one day after school a couple of weeks ago and somehow got on to the subject of guys masturbating and asked him if he did it.

He got mad or embarrassed and told us to shut up.

Of course that made us just keep after him about it and telling him we wanted to watch him do it! But he wouldn't say anything and kept telling us to shut up!

A couple of days later though, I found a paper folded in my underwear drawer! It was a note from my step brother! It said that he thought I was hot and that he did masturbate and that he would let me watch him do it if I wanted to but only by myself and not with my girlfriend and that if I promised not to tell anyone!

He said I could meet him in our TV loft and tell him I got the note if I wanted him to do it!

Oh my God, I couldn't believe it! I started shaking at the thought of it! I've never actually seen a penis except when I babysat! And my friend and I talk about it and how guys ejaculate but I sure as heck hadn't seen that either!

Now I was embarrassed, and couldn't even look at him for days! But I couldn't stop thinking about it!

So I was thinking about it one night because he was in the loft watching TV and our parents watch their TV in their bedroom, and I had to do it!

I went up stairs to the loft, which is really small with a low ceiling and just huge pillows to crunch into. He was watching TV and sitting in a pillow leaning against the back wall. He had on shorts and a t-shirt.

I sat in the pillow closer to the TV that is in front of the loft balcony, but still just right in front of his feet because the loft is so tiny.

I acted like I was watching the TV too but I was really just thinking about telling him I got the note but was scared to do it. I knew I wasn't going to be able to quit thinking about it, and knew I had to do it so I finally got the nerve. I looked at him and said that I got his note, but it was all I could do to just whisper!

He was watching the TV and didn't even hear me! He finally looked at me and said 'Huh'? I couldn't say it again out loud, so I crawled back to him and whispered it in his ear, that I had got his note!

He didn't say anything back and just looked at me for a minute kind of checking me out.. and finally said 'you're not gonna tell, right?'

I said 'No, why would I do that and get killed too!'

He went back to watching TV and I went back to my pillow. I didn't think he was going to do it, but after a minute he undid his shorts!!! My heart was pounding! Oh my god, he was actually going to do it!!

He just kept watching TV but lifted his butt up and scooted his shorts off.. and he didn't have any thing on underneath!!

He took them all the way off and kind of spread his knees, I got my first look alraight! His penis was hanging down but longer than I expected, like a lot longer! I was excited beyond anything I've ever been and felt myself get really wet, which I had never done before!

He just started playing with it and watching TV, occasionally looking down at himself or at me watching him. I was frozen and couldn't take my eyes off of it!

I do know what circumcision is and he is, because the 'head' part was right out there!

He just kept playing with it and yep it got bigger!. Actually when it got hard it curved up. I could see his balls and everything, I couldn't believe what I was seeing! I was actually sitting right in front of my hot step brother watching him masturbate!

He did it for probably a half hour, just stroking away and then after a while he wet his fingers with spit and got it all wet and it made squishy sounds. It was like long and curved!

He eventually rolled his head back against the wall for a minute and then looked at me and whispered 'I'm gonna cum.. get some tissue'!

The tissue was on top of the TV, I got some and went to hand it to him but he said 'put your hand out'! He kind of scooted up and stopped stroking himself and moved his hand back so he was just sticking out there and tried pointing it at my hand but when he ejaculated it was like throbbing and missed my hand! I could not believe it!

At the same time he ejaculated his stomach muscles were flexing and actually his whole body was jerking! I couldn't believe what I was seeing! It was so cool!!!

I guess because I didn't know any better, I had thought that ejaulation was just be one big 'squirt', but obviously I found out different as it came out a couple of more squirts and was like going in every direction but into my hand!

Some did make it there, especially when he was about done. It was very warm.

He just put his head back against the wall and was like out of breath!

I had to get more tissue, and did my best to get it off the carpet.

I thought he might want to be alone then and I just got up and went downstairs, my heart still pounding!

Nothing has happened since then and I haven't told anyone even my friend, I don't want to have sex with him or anything like that, but I sure would like to watch him do it like everytime he does it if I could! It's so awesome! Maybe if I just said 'I got the note' again?



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