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How Much Masturbation? Really...

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Chatting with a friend leads me to wonder how much I've actually masturbated.


This is my first story posted here.  I don't know why it has taken so long, but I do plan on postig others.

I was chatting with a friend one day about how often we masturbate.  I figured I averaged about once per day.  Then I thought about the fact that I've been masturbating since I was about 10 or 11.  For averaging purposes, and because I knew I didn't ejaculate when I first started, I rounded it off to age 12.  That's 35 years of taking care of myself!

Then, like any scientifically minded person, I wondered how much cum that was.  35 years of wanking is a lot of wanking.  And I'll bet there are people here who could top that.  So, if I averaged once a day, for 35 years, that's 12,775 masturation sessions.  That's a lot!!   So, of course, I wondered how much cum is that.  I read online that the average volume of ejaculate is one teaspoon.  I did the math and 12,775 teaspoons is 16.87 gallons!!  I can't even imagine that many milk containers filled with cum.

But then I went back and thought, there have been times when it has been days between my sessions so I should adjust my average.  Let's say 4 times a week.  That's 7,280 times of enjoying how self love feels.  Not as impressive as 5 digits, but still a lot.  7,280 teaspoons is 9.61 gallons.  That's still a lot.  Now, I'm just guessing at the number of times I've masturbated over the past 35 years, but it has to be somewhere in that range.

And if anyone is wondering about the teaspoon value, I was "challenged" by a good friend here who could have sworn I shot more than a teaspoon (she has seen me cum a few times).  So, I measured it.  And sure enough, after working hard to keep it all in that little cup, mine is just a little over a teaspoon.  I know some guys shoot far more than this, but I wanted to be accurate, especially when challenged!

This quick study has made me curious about a couple of things.  First, how many different places have I done this.  Some former offices, public bathrooms, my bedroom, my friend's bedroom, my car (which you will also get to read about), the woods, drunk behind a bush at 2 am, etc.  There have been a lot of places and it's fun to remember them.

I'm also curious as to whether anyone else is curious about how much they've masturbated.  If anyone else wants to share their curiosity, please post it below.  I know the ladies can really only measure number of times, but if you want to post that too, please do.  Of course, you ladies get multiple orgasms so, in addition to number of sessions, you can even calculate number of orgasms over your lifetime of self enjoyment. I think you may find it quite astonishing once you do the math.



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