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Hot for Teacher 8

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Mrs. A loves Solo Touch now that I told her about it. She wanted me to continue documenting our encounters!

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I know last time I said I was done recounting my experiences with Mrs. A, but, as it turns out, she likes it (read on), so I'm back! So, I'm writing this on Monday. I spent last Friday and Saturday with Mrs. A. I hadn't met� with her since the last time I (sort of) told you about, which was something like three months ago. She kept me informed about the whole separation process, we were both eager to see each other more. He was at home a lot during the process, so I couldn't stay over. Despite the fact that the divorce was still pending, they'd reached an agreement on how to divide everything. He found himself an apartment about a month ago and about two weeks ago they reached an agreement that he would pick the kids up from school on Friday and drop them off Sunday evening. That would leave Mrs. A the house to herself for the weekend, and we could meet without having to make sure the kids had an excuse to be gone and that her husband was gone. This was the first weekend the arrangement was going to go into effect. I hadn't jerked off in the three months, and I don't think she'd done anything either. I'm adolescent, so going ninety days without cumming was like being in a POW camp. But I went over to her place at about five on Friday and expected that would change. She was wearing a silk bathrobe that reached halfway to her knees. We barely got the door closed before my shirt was off and I was groping her silky thighs and tits and we kissed passionately. I untied her silk robe and for the first time in weeks and weeks I beheld the beautiful sight of Mrs. A's naked body. I missed it. The creamy skin, the perky B-cups with large pink areolas and puffy pink nipples. Her sloping thighs and her pelvis covered with soft downy hair. I wrapped my arms around her. "I missed you."� "Me too."� I led her to the couch. She was completely naked and I was in my jeans. "Must've been stressful, the past three months. Anything I can do?"� I asked her. She smiled and kissed me. She got up and walked down the hallway slowly, swaying her hips and letting me take in the beautiful view of her ass. She disappeared into the bedroom and returned a moment later with a bottle of clear liquid. She gave me the bottle and pushed a couple of books off the large coffee table and gingerly lay down on it on her stomach. "I could really use a massage."� I almost came right there. I applied oil in a line on her spine, starting at her neck and ending just above her crack. I rubbed her upper back. I started with her shoulders. As I rubbed the shoulders, she moaned "right there."� I slowly worked my way down her back, oiling up her body. Finally my hands reached her buttocks. I paused and squeezed them. She smiled. I rubbed the oil slowly over her buttocks, down her outer thighs, down her legs. I worked my way to her inner thighs. I could see her pussy lips. I traced circles around them, very light, barely registering on her skin. I heard her gasp and moan in relief. I prodded at her pussy. It was very wet. I moved back up and rubbed her tense shoulders and back and legs. I worked slow, and groped her thighs as I worked my way down. Then I turned my attention to her ass again. I applied a new coat of oil and groped her cheeks, pulling them apart, exposing her tight little ass and the bottom of her pussy, the occasion wisp of her soft pubic hair. I knew I couldn't take that sight much longer. I kneaded and spread her oily ass and finally, I slowly inserted my oily thumb into her anus. She gasped. I paused by the first knuckle and began twirling my finger the tiniest bit. I could feel her muscles clench around my as she exhaled sharply. I slowly pushed my thumb down to the base and she let out a sharp oh.� "You like that, baby?"� She smiled. "Yes."� "Well, why don't you turn on your back and see if we can't make this more enjoyable."� I slid my thumb out slowly, tracing her rim as I exited. She got up on her hands and knees and wiggled her wet ass at me, and I gave it a firm, but playful spank. She lay on her back and I put a large dollop of oil on her navel and rubbed it in. I oiled up her tits and kissed her. "When was the last time you came?"� I said, as I pulled lightly on a nipple making her moan. "Last time we were together. You?"� "Same."� I worked my way down to her pussy and stuck a finger in. She gasped. She was incredibly wet, I knew she was built up and ready to cum hard. I'd hoped this would happen. I read up on the G-spot over the past three months, and was hoping to maximize her pleasure, maybe squirt some of that wetness out. I stuck another finger in, then three, and pumped side to side, in and out, up and down, with slightly hooked fingers. There was a little dirty talk but she was moaning a lot and I was taking in that and the sound of her wetness. I changed speeds and after about 10 minutes I'd worked up to a speed where my hand was starting to cramp and the moans were getting loud, and the slapping wetness sounded like splashing footsteps. She arched her back and I felt her muscles clamp around me. She screamed my name and soon the wetness erupted out of her, not an over the top fake porn squirt, but three healthy splashes of wetness that left violently but didn't go far. I pulled my soaked fingers out. Her legs were shaking. She was breathing heavily and uttered a weak wow.� We kissed and after five minutes she pulled away still breathing somewhat heavy. She stood up on legs that were still a little wobbly. "That was a very good massage."� She kissed me on the cheek. "Maybe next time I'll throw in a free facial."� She smiled and felt my cock through my jeans. It was rock-hard. "You wait here, big boy. I have something special planned for you."� She walked down the hallway, swaying her hips, and disappeared around a corner. I heard water rushing and figured she was going to scrub the oil off her. My hardon was really bulging so I took off my jeans to free it up a bit. I awaited her return, but as I did so, I felt a little guilty. I didn't know why at first, but then I realized it was these entries. I felt like she deserved to know about them. I was nervous, and when I saw her come back into view after a few minutes, I resolved to tell her. She was wearing classic schoolgirl-type attire. She saw I had taken off my jeans. She smiled. "I hope you didn"t have too much fun without me."� I told her to sit down and explained everything to her. The stories, the site, etc. She pondered for a moment and then smiled, rubbing herself through her skirt. "Read them to me."� I grinned ear to ear. I went to her desk and opened up the site, printed them out, and came back. I began to read them. As I read, she hiked her skirt up, she wasn't wearing panties. By the third instalment, she was tugging on her nipples and moaning, biting her lip and looking at me sensually. By the fourth instalment she was rubbing her clit and whimpering my name, then she began fingering herself and moaning my name loud, her wet fingers bringing her to orgasm. When I was done with the last instalment, she came over to me and kissed me. "Those are wonderful."� "You aren't mad?"� "Why would I be? It touches my heart that you love me so much."� She smiled. "And hearing how turned on you are makes me so wet."� She looked at my crotch. As did I. Apparently her display had done something for me, my boxers were stained with precum, enough to comprise a pretty healthy load in itself. She ran her hands up and down my boxers and licked the stain. She pulled my boxers off, with a sticky, cakey film of precum. I was naked on the couch. "Here, I'll give you something to write about,"� she said naughtily. She removed her clothes as well and got on her knees. I went to stroke her hair. "Put your hands away. You're mine,"� she said. I splayed my arms out along the top of the couch, bracing myself for the volcano I knew was coming. She pulled back my foreskin and I gasped sharply. "Oh baby,"� she said, pouting. "You've been pent up far too long, haven't you?"� I nodded weakly. "Well, don't worry, baby. Mrs. A's gonna make you feel all better."� I groaned in bliss. Each pump of her hand brought out more oozing precum. I was worried when the time came, there would be nothing in my balls to shoot! "Did you miss me this much baby?"� She asked. I nodded. "Did you miss this?"� She licked the head of my cock, and licked up some precum. "Yes."� I begged. She rubbed my balls and licked up and down the shaft. She slowly lowered her head onto my cock and began to suck deeper and deeper. She pulled out with a wet plop and tugged my wet cock "You like that baby? You feel good?"� "Yes"� She put it back in and took it all the way down, I felt my head breach her throat (nothing porny, I have an average cock, but still pretty deep). I gasped in pleasure. "Yeah, you like that, don't you?"� I moaned. She then alternated between handjob and blowjob, always paying attention to my balls. Eventually I was too lost in bliss to tell how long she'd been at it, I began to feel a churning in my groin like never before. "I'm gonna cum."� She took me out of her mouth with a plop and told me to stand up. She was on her knees and jerking me off. I was turned on by her kinkiness and she looked up at me smiling innocently but with a dirty fire in her eyes. I felt the explosion come, and I had to fight to keep my eyes open, and I wanted to see it. Now, when it comes to Mrs. A, I'm a fairly messy cummer. Even if she's giving me a fast, dry handjob when I'm spent, I can manage at the very least four full, healthy ropes for her (which is on the average side of just me jerking off), averaging 7-9. I don't know what it is, but I'm just a big cummer. This one was ridiculous. I was so lustily proud of the result. 17 full ropes. I couldn't believe it. She pumped those ropes out of me, they landed all over her face, her hair, her tits. After the main 17 were six smaller but powerful ones that hit her tits and stomach. Then, for a good 30 seconds, she pumped on my cock, milking every last dribble (of which there was a fair amount. I felt maybe ten pounds lighter. I felt (and probably sounded, the way I was breathing) like I'd run a marathon. I looked over at Mrs. A with lust, and beheld her cum-covered body. She smiled at me. "Now was that something to write about or what?"� She laughed. "I am going to clean up again, big boy,"� she said. "Wait for me in the bedroom."� She disappeared to her bedroom. I laid on the bed thinking. I don't know how much time passed as she cleaned and dried off. I was thinking about how lucky I was to have found someone to share myself with physically and emotionally. She came out of the bathroom and seductively dropped her towel. She straddled me. I grabbed her ass. We kissed and chatted idly and drifted off to sleep. In the morning, I woke up before she did. I don't know how much I had cum the night before, and I was a little curious. I felt her beautiful pubic hair, which was matted with dried cum near the opening. I put my hand on the sheets between her legs and found a palm sized patch of cum right in front of her vagina, drying put still gooey, a puddle pretty thick. I was lustily proud of myself. She then woke up and we explored each other for many hours. The rest of the day was filled with many non-ST friendly activities. I also showed her Solo Touch, which she loved. I'll be posting more stories of our time together, and she says she might pitch in or even write some of her own. We'll be trying to meet every weekend, hopefully I'll have some more ST-friendly stuff soon, but I imagine these first couple of times we'll be making up for lost time, and I'd like to keep a lot of that to myself. Thanks for sticking with me. Feels good to be back!



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