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Her Fantasy, Our Mutual Pleasure

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Her wish was my cummand.


She had a fantasy of watching a man masturbate and her husband wasn't accommodating...

An internet adventure with a delightful a woman in her mid-thirties. We had exchanged e-mails for a few weeks, sharing our fantasies, curiosities, experiences. She was married and didn't want an affair or even anything that would even be be close to an affair...but she had a STRONG desire to watch a guy jack-off and was also very turned-on by the idea of being watched masturbating. Her husband refused to accede to her desires (according to him, it was "abnormal for married people to do that") and she had an abiding fantasy about meeting a guy who would masturbate with and for her as well as respect her wishes to go no further.

Her fantasy of watching and being watched just happens to be, like raindrops and roses and warm woolen mittens, one of my favorite things. Many's the evening we spent in the cyber world virtually acting out her fantasy, in exquisite detail.

It came to pass that I was going to be in her city on a business trip and...well, The Phantasm has never been one to disappoint a lady or deny her the fulfillment of a fantasy, so what could I do other than suggest we get together. I anticipated that she might be a bit hesitant to meet "in the flesh," so to speak, but that just illustrates what little I understand about women. She didn't hesitate for a moment, not even a nano-moment. She was ready, eager, enthusiastic, suggesting that we have dinner in the dining room of the hotel where I was staying and "just see what develops."

We met for an early dinner and she was a very attractive woman. Petite, long brown hair, a body to die for. I found it difficult to believe that her husband was as sexually puritanical as she had led me to believe, while at the same time I was thankful. Had he been more exploratory, I wouldn't be having dinner with this luscious lady. Our dinner conversation was a bit strained for the first few minutes, but a couple of drinks eased our anxieties. When it came time for dessert, we locked eyes and wordlessly agreed that something a lot better than cheesecake awaited us.

In the elevator, she was literally trembling and whispered, "I really, really want to do this...I haven't been able to think of anything else." "You're not the only one," I responded. When the elevator doors opened, we literally ran to my room and in a matter of seconds we were both naked. Naked, aroused, feverishly desirous. Her body was absolutely delectable - firm breasts, strawberry nipples and totally shaved. To say that I was hard would be an understatement.

As soon as she was naked she lay down on the bed, telling me that she had been very much looking forward to this experience. I quickly applied some lube to my cock (I came prepared with a small tube in my pocket), knelt on the bed between her thighs, my cock at rigid attention, and started jacking-off. She started fingering her cunt and rubbing her clit and it didn't take very long before we were both really getting into it.

She asked me if I would do it the way I usually jack-off when I was alone and I lay down beside her, spread my legs and started stroking my cock again. She knelt beside me and continued masturbating, one hand on her breast, rubbing and gently pinching her nipple, the other between her legs, first one finger, then two, up her cunt and the heel of her hand rubbing her clit. She was moaning loudly and urging me on. "Stroke your cock for me, let me watch, show me how you jack-off..." Her hand was moving faster and faster and her wetness was very apparent from the sounds of her fingers sliding in and out of her cunt.

She came first and it was very powerful and noisy. I slowed down so I could watch her cum. Her eyes were closed, her head thrown back, her back arched and her entire body was trembling and shaking. It took her a few minutes to "return to reality" and I began stroking my cock again. Her eyes were transfixed on my crotch and she surprised me by rubbing my thigh (which I love) and continuing upward to my balls. Now I was almost there and she asked me, in a very soft voice, if I wanted to touch her and I immediately slid a finger inside her, feeling her warm wetness, and put my thumb on her clit. She was talking very explicitly - "Do it, baby, yeah, jack-off for me, show me how you make yourself cum...finger my cunt, make me cum, too" and things like that.

Suddenly I was "there" and shot a HUGE load. As soon as she saw me erupt she came again, more intensely than the first time and we were both moaning and shaking and totally overwhelmed.

As our orgasms ebbed, she lay down beside me and we held each other, cuddling and caressing. In a few minutes she asked me, in a small voice, "Can you do it again?" while at the same time reaching down and slowly stroking my cock. "I think so," I murmured. Wordlessly, she changed position and lowered her luscious mouth over my rapidly-rising cock. In moments I was fully erect again and she stopped sucking and moved to lay beside me and started touching herself. "Kneel between my legs like you did at first - I want to do it that way this time," she said, her voice soft, seductive.

In a brief moment I was there, between her wide-spread thighs, my gaze transfixed by her body, her movements, my hand moving faster and faster, her hands in the same rhythm as mine. "Do it, oh yes, do it, I love to watch you do it, it's so hot...I'm so wet, omigod can you see how wet I am?" Her words were stimulating, erotic, urging me to go faster. "I want you to cum for me...I wanna see you cum...I want you to cum on me...cum all over me..." Her thighs were trembling, fingers making wet sounds as they moved in and out of her cunt like a fast-moving
piston. Her breasts and belly were now covered by dewdrops of sweat, her entire body writhing, her back arching.

"I'm close, baby...really close..." I moaned.

"Yes, oh yes, do it, do it now, cum for me...shoot your cum on me...do it now...oh, please, PLEASE, DO IT NOW!"

Our orgasms were simultaneous, our moans primitive, as I shot one, two, three, four long streams of hot cum upon her quivering body. The first landed right between her breasts, the second and third on her belly, the last on her cunt and hand that was deeply immersed inside.
It seemed as if our orgasm, our shared and mutual orgasm, would last forever. I collapsed beside her, taking her in my arms, kissing her deeply and passionately. For almost an hour we lay together, entwined, cuddling.

Then it was time for her to go. A final touch, a final kiss and she was gone. Yet she remains in my memory and so very often in my fantasies.

It was a great experience for both of us. I've not been back to her town since. We've continued to correspond in the hope that one day we'll again find ourselves together.



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