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Hard in the River Sauna

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When I was a senior in high school, I was invited to participate in a 5 day-long science field trip. While this was pretty special, something unexpected formed a lifelong sexual memory for me.


Every day was spent on the wild and natural river, riding down in big rubber rafts or boats that were from WW II, the huge oars moving us along a liesurely pace when the boatman moved them, or racing along over wild rapids with splashes and bucking and noises of joy and fear. The evenings were spent eating pretty good food that the boatmen cooked over a campfire and then sitting around talking, singing songs with the guitar, or wandering around the edges of the camp with flashlights. We slept in sleeping bags and washed our bodies, wearing our swimsuits, in the rivers in the morning with soap that was supposed to be environmentally safe. We even rode the rapids a couple times on our life jackets, floating down ahead of the boats, which then picked us up at the next calm spot. All was good until the last nights even got better.

The boatman from my raft suggested that we try a river sauna on the next to last night. We all asked what that was, including the teacher-chaperones from our school district. Well, as it turned out, those of us over 18 were allowed to participate because it involved making a tent from the huge waterproof tarps that enveloped the luggage on the rafts, using the oars as poles, and then heating rocks to make steam and all sitting inside to steam ourselves. Then, the theory was, you jump naked into the freezing cold river while someone goes to get more hot rocks. I was shy but that sounded like fun.

I helped a few of the guys and the boatmen build it, gathered big round river stones and put them in the fire pit, and then spent time goofing off with the girls until dinner was ready. We talked about the dangers of listening to Barry Manilow and other silly topics until it was nearly bedtime. I was among the last to get to the river sauan because I helped carry a large metal bucket full of rocks from the fire pit and got water to put on them. When I got inside, I was wearing my swim trunks and could barely see in the dark. After my eyes adjusted, I could barely make out that the rest of the people looked naked. Only two other guys from our group, one of the boatmen, and four girls were inside.

When the steam and warmth began to wane, I got picked to go get more hot stones from the fire pit. The boatman was wearing his cut off when he emerged from the tent but the rest came out naked or nearly so. A very cute, fit, blonde girl I fancied, who was older than me and an unofficial chaperone, came out wearing only some very sheer-when-sweaty white panties. As we hurried back to the fire pit, I could hear the sounds of ecstatic splashing and groaning from the cold. We were quickly ready again and everyone, or so I thought, scurried back inside the tent to get warm again. The guy's penises and balls were really shrunken down tiny from the cold river and the girl's nipples were all stiff and puckered. I stood there a moment, thinking if I should jump in the river, or should I take off my trunks and be naked, but then felt a hand on my shoulder. It was the girl I fancied, smiling at me. "Hey, thanks for going to get the hot rocks for us. You're so nice." She hugged me and that sent a shiver down my spine because of her naked breasts and stiff teats pressing my chest and because she was freezing cold. "Why are you wearing your trunks?" she asked. "Don't be so shy. I'll take mine off if you do."

Well, there are some offers you can't say no to. She stripped off her wet panties, showing me her thick blonde pubic hair in the bright moonlight, and I took off my swim trunks to reveal a swelling penis that had not been punished into shrinking by cold river water. Instead, it was standing out from my body quite well. She just looked and smiled, then suggested I cover with my hands until I got seated in there, and to sit right behind her. Once we were inside and arranged, the thick steam clouded over all of us.I did as asked and sat behind her with my knees up to my chest. She snuggled back, pried them apart and put my feet down beside her legs, and sat between my legs. "Warm me up," she whispered over her shoulder to me. I wrapped my arms around her and held her close, her body warming to mine, and my penis rising to full erection between us. Every time she shifted slightly, or when she would put her hands over mine and hold them, or as she rubbed my thigh, it excited me. Eventually, her hand reached behind her to touch my penis, holding it gently, not rubbing it but squeezing it, feeling the length, then the head slippery with precum, then squeezing that. It was not really her masturbating me, just exploring, but oh my did it put me on the edge. We didn't get out that next time to get hot stones or get in the river, just sat in there with me touching her breasts and her feeling me.

Later, we were the last two exiting the river sauna, and she got on all fours facing me, kissed me, kissed me again, and said, "You feel so good. I wish we didn't have to sleep in separate places for the boys and girls tonight. Dream of me, ok?"

Over the years since, I have dreamed and thought of her many times, while masturbating too, and imagined how warm she would have been if we had been able to sleep together that night.



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