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Haircut Cum

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The story 'Haircut Jack' made me remember a teenage experience


As a kid I had always had haircuts at typical mens barbers and to be honest they were a real chore, I disliked it almost as much as the dentist. As I got into my early teens though I developed a little fashion sense (if that is the right word for the 70s, the decade taste forgot!) and decided I wanted my hair cut in a trendier way than the guys did in the shop my Dad took me too.

In the town where I lived was a big unisex hair salon that was known to be the place you went to if you were stylish. Actually it was not really unisex in that everyone went to the same part, there was a guy's bit and a woman's on different floors. My best friend and I decided to go there next time our parents nagged us into a haircut. Inside it was huge, probably about 10 chairs, pop music played and the pictures on the wall were of recent styles not the ancient ones in the barbers. The biggest difference though was the stylist, they were all women. In fact most of them were quite young, probably only a few years older than us although a few were older. But all of them were gorgeous!

There was a queueing system in place and we had to wait quite a while to be seen but it was not a problem, my friend and I talked about the girls cutting the hair and which one we hoped we would get. It was all way more cool than the barbers. Finally it got to our turn, my friend went first and was called by a pretty looking blonde girl and almost at once my turn came up as well. My stylist was a bit older (early 20s), brunette and stunning. I remember clearly smelling her perfume as she slipped the cape around me. It was so erotic, at that age I had never been so close to an attractive woman before. She asked me how I wanted my hair cut and I remember being very tongue tied. Somehow I managed to point at a style I wanted. She then asked if I wanted it washed. Everyone else seemed to be so I said yes, again a huge contrast to the barbers where washing was definitely not on the agenda. At that she turned the chair round and had me lean back over the bowl and started to wet my hair with the shower attachment as she ran her hands through it. Just being that close to her had already made my cock get hard but this was just so sensual I could feel it twitching and straining under my jeans. Her breasts were so close to my face as she washed my hair. Every movement she made turned me on more and I could feel my cock rubbing my pants as she massaged my scalp. I closed my eyes and tried to think of anything else I knew. I was so close to cumming but it did not help. In fact closing my eyes just let my mind wander more and the movement of her hands on my scalp became the movements of her hands on my cock.

It was no good. I came hard. I tried to pretend nothing untoward was happening but to this day I don't really know if she noticed. The wash continued for a while longer and as I came down I felt the sticky warm cum in my pants. I preyed it would not show or leak through and leave a wet patch. When the wash was done she spun me round and cut my hair but it was now all a bit of a blur. My embarrassment meant I mumbled back in reply to her attempted conversation. But soon my young body was back to its old tricks and I felt myself hard again. As she finished blow drying my hair (another first for me) I was in danger of repeating my 'accident' but just held off. Finally It was done and she showed me the style in the mirror. It looked really good but to be honest I hardly noticed, all I had in my mind was her perfume and the image of her breasts so close to me as she washed my hair.

As I met my friend and we paid I was concious of walking strangely from the damp cum in my pants but no-one seemed to notice. The bill was a shock, about three times what the barber cost but somehow it was worth it. From then on that salon became THE place I went to for my hair cuts. I never quite had the same accident again but I nearly always walked out with a noticeable bulge in my trousers for anyone who wanted to look!



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