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Gym Steam Room

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First time with a stranger...


It seems to be the norm to start off these 'Male-Male' experiences with 'First off, I should clarify that I'm straight, I have a girlfriend who I'm quite happy with, yet I'm strangely turned on by naked men. I've read about these experiences, but never been able to write my own' yadda yadda yadda...So I'll just skip all that, and leave it at the fact that all of the above DOES apply to me.

About two weeks ago, my mom finally bought her dream Mustang, leaving the '96 Stratus to me. Only a week later, my family joined a gym and added me onto the plan, which conveniently fit into my initial plans of getting a gym membership as soon as I obtained my own car. So the first week, I began what is now a consistent habit of going to the gym for about three hours a day; two hours of working out and cardio, and an hour of relaxing in the men's locker room. I mean hey! With a steam room, showers, a spa, a sauna, and two tanning rooms, how could one NOT take advantage of all of these relaxing amenities? I've always been comfortable with my body, so I don't mind walking around naked, which everybody else does in there anyways...so may as well join the party, right?

My fourth day, after a particularly hard workout, I found myself sitting in the steam room, deep in thought. My girlfriend was pretty prominent on my mind. She's quite the catch to look at as she is to listen to, and soon, my emotions for her were pretty obvious; all 6 1/2 cut inches of them. I've named him Tiger. Being alone in the steam room, I started stroking myself; slow at first, then faster, then slow again. I was probably about 30 seconds from shooting my load, when the door opened. Quick as a flash, I leaned forward and put my head in my hands, covering my dick so the gentleman who walked inside wouldn't see.

He seemed pretty nice, around his late thirties to early forties, nice tan, balding, and an average cut cock...at least average to my knowledge. About three inches flaccid. He started shooting the breeze with me, and, being a social nut, I started talking to him too. He asked about my majors in college, what I planned to do, what I did for a living, etc. Eventually, my hard on was gone, so I uncovered. As we continued talking, I noticed he'd glance at Tiger, now hanging flaccid, but a bit longer than normal.

Eventually, I left the room to rinse off. After the rinse, I sat in the spa for a bit, when a young man in his mid twenties stepped in, and immediately sat face first against one of the jets, clearly pleasuring himself with one of them. Tiger started up again, and I decided I'd go back to the steam room and finish what I'd started 20 minutes earlier. Making sure the man in the spa wasn't looking, I quickly got out. Tiger was about halfway up as I opened the door to the steam room.

The older gentleman was still in as the door shut behind me. Deciding it would be too awkward to walk back outside with Tiger bobbing up and down, I sat down, unsure what to do now that I was caught.

Then the man leaned over and said,

'Gettin' a little excited there, huh?'

I nodded.

'Wanna play around?'

A split second...yes? No? What to choose?

To hell with it...

'Sure.' I replied.

And so he started, grasping Tiger with his hand and stroking up and down. His grip was tighter than I ever had used and I'll admit, it was just a little less pleasurable than I was expecting. But I was getting a free hand-job, so I wasn't complaining. But as he continued, his grip was so tight that it grew less and less pleasurable, and Tiger really wasn't having much fun. So to see if maybe I could heighten the pleasure a bit, I reached over to his surprisingly still-flaccid penis and started fondling with it. Yet he stayed soft. He moved my hand away and said that we'd just focus on me.

Suddenly the door to the steam room swung wide open, and in came two men; one I didn't recognize, and the one man who was pleasuring himself in the spa. The older gentleman was off of me faster than a cockroach in the light. But the two men had seen him.

'Oh, don't mind us.' the spa man said. The older gentleman nodded and went back to handling me. I pretended to enjoy it for his sake. As I did, I watched as the two newcomers quickly sported hard-ons of their own. The spa man took a cock in each hand and started to go to town. It was a regular circle jerk! And here I was, my first time in a circle jerk, not enjoying it.

The two men groaned together in a matter of seconds and shot their ropey loads across the floor, while Tiger was starting to get irritated.

Thankfully, the door swung open again, and the older gentleman was off of me, and out the door in a flash just as the next man came in. I bent over again to hide Tiger, who was only about halfway up now. Deciding enough was enough, I grabbed my body wash, and headed to the showers, where I finished off what I had started nearly an hour earlier. Just as I was about to reach the climax, the older gentleman came into the shower room and stood at the nozzle next to me, watching me finish. I smiled at him as I climaxed and shot three ropes of cum on the shower floor. After an hour of waiting, it felt incredible to finally let go. So we said our goodbyes, and dried off, changed, and left the gym.

It wasn't the greatest mutual masturbation experience I'd had, but since he's a regular at the gym, I'm sure we'll encounter each other again. I don't feel any less straight because of this experience. I merely feel that my sexual horizons have been broadened, and I look forward to seeing the older gentleman again to show him just how I like it...



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