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Getting Frisky in a Church

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At a sleepover at a church me and a girl sinned under the eyes of god, and maybe a couple of others too


I was raised Christian and at this time of my life, I still was. The youth at the church did this 24 hour fast for some reason I don't remember. What that meant was we would all get together during the day, stay over night then have a bit of a party to break the fast the next day.

Now there were a few hot girls at the church but I was always too nervous to tell them I had a crush on them, so we stayed friends instead. Thankfully one of the girls, let's call her Rachel, broke that barrier between us.
Over the course of the day she'd be flirting with me, finding any excuse to come and sit right by, making sure she'd lean on me or have a hand on my leg, or even sitting on my lap. As the night was winding down I was sat in a room with a couple of people, talking to a different girl I had a crush on, let's call her Lisa. I'd sat on a row of chairs against the wall, and Lisa was sat on the floor. We both hand blankets over us as it was cold. Rachel comes into the room and sits on the chair next to me, and snuggles up beside me under the blanket. Me and Lisa carried on our conversation but I soon felt Rachel's hand sliding further up my leg. I placed one hand over hers to stop her before she got too close, but she took that as a sign and moved it to her leg.

I don't know what it was that made me continue this. Maybe it was how bold she was, or maybe it was because I was wishing it was Lisa I was touching instead. Maybe it was simply the risk and that it was kind of naughty. I have always had a thing for things like that. Whatever it was I didn't shy away this time. I started to stroke Rachel's leg, closer and closer to her mound. Soon the edge of my hand was brushing up against her and I hesitated. She didn't resist, so I cupped my hand over her pussy and rubbed gently. All the while I was keeping eye contact with Lisa. Rachel told me to lie down, so I shifted down on to my back with her facing the same way more or less on top of me. She directed my hand to her breast, small and soft. I squeezed and pressed gently and she let out little gasps and her eyes closed. I saw Lisa's eyes dart to the very clear shape of my hand on Rachel's chest. I didn't stop. I'm sure Rachel wasn't aware that there was anyone else in the room, or if she was, she didn't care. I kept talking to Lisa and kept touching Rachel. My other hand slid down her flat stomach back towards her crotch. She wouldn't let me do anything unless it was over her clothes, but I was ok with it. I rubbed, pressed and teased her pussy, making her breathing heavy and the look on her face and the noise she was making made it clear what was happening, if Lisa couldn't see my hands moving under the blanket. Several times I saw her eyes shift to where my hands were playing, and her usually pale skin was a deep red. I was wishing that it was Lisa I had my hands on, or at least hoping she was touching herself under her blanket, hoping she could join in too.

Eventually Rachel stopped me and fell asleep, and Lisa went not long after. I carefully pulled myself away and went to the bathroom. The entire time my stiff dick had been pressing against Rachel's lower back and I needed some relief. I crept out to the toilet, hoping no one would see me and my poorly concealed erection. Thankfully I made it no problem and released the beast. It didn't take me long to finish, thinking of the two girls helping me out, touching themselves. I cleaned up and went back to the room. Lisa opened her eyes as I walked back in, smiled at me, then went back to sleep. I cuddled up to Rachel again and slept too.
I ended up dating Rachel for a while and I had my hands on her whenever I could. She was the least subtle person about it and that turned me on even more. Might post some of those short stories later.



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