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Fun With Girlfriend

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My parents decided to go shopping that day, so I'd have the house to myself. I called up my girlfriend, Ashley (not her real name) and asked if she wanted to hang out. She said yes, and knew what I meant too. She arrived half an hour later. It was summer so she was wearing a red tank top, short denim shorts, and multi color balte style flats.

I made each of us a lemonade and we relaxed on the pool deck for a while, but each of us knew what the other had in mind. We headed up to my room and as soon as we were inside jumped at each other. She pulled me close and started kissing me, I love the feeling of her wet warm tongue in my mouth.

Now would be a good time to describe her, at the time she was 16, 5'2', not fat by any means, but on the chubby side, but still active and fit. She has shoulder length brown hair and cool blue eyes. Her breasts are a B cup, and great hand size. I have a foot fetish which she is kind enough to indulge me in, her feet are size 6, and very soft and smooth. I wasn't sure yet what color her toenails were as she changed it quite a lot and still had her shoes on.

I slipped off her top and found she was wearing no bra, I smiled and began to caress her breasts, sucking the nipple into my mouth and licking all around them. I kissed her neck, sucking her earlobes and massaging her shoulders. I unbuttoned her shorts and let them fall to the floor, she stepped out of them and I began rubbing her upper legs, her inner thigh, the back side of her legs. I slipped my hand under her panties which had a large wet spot, feeling her wonderfully smooth ass, I slipped my hand to the front under the elastic, and brushed her pubes, then slipped her panties to the floor. She laid down on the bed and on her stomach and I began massaging her, starting at her shoulders and working down her back, kissing and licking as I went, I made my way to her ass, kissing each cheek, massaging it and spreadng it. I continued down, working her legs, kissing the back of her knees, I massaged her calves. I had her roll over onto her back, revealing once again her pussy and breasts.

I massaged her ankles slowly, then removed her left shoe. I massaged her sole a bit before bringing her foot to my mouth and licking from the heel of her foot up to the toes, doing this multiple times to get every inch of her sole. I sucked each toe individually then spread her toes and placed my nose between them, inhaling deeply; I love the way her feet smell after wearing flats. I took my time enjoying her feet, doing the same to her other foot before continuing upward. I ran my hands up and down her legs, and started kissing her inner thigh slowly moving toward her pussy. I licked all around her unshaven pussy, but never touched it, moving upward rubbing my hands up and down her curves and kissing my way to her breasts once again, before french kissing her intensely. At this point she was so horny she was squirming, between kissing she whimpered 'Please, stop teasing, make me cum.' I needed no more encouragement.

I slipped my fingers into her warm soaking wet vagina, and immediately she started humping my hand. I used one hand on her clit, circling it with my fingers and the other inside, thrusting up and down. I kept this up for a while then switched to having a thumb in her pussy and slipping an index finger in her ass, with my other hand still going at her clit even faster. This did the trick as she started cumming, she flushed, and thrusted against my hand even harder, her fingers and toes curling, and she grimaced and groaned, before relaxing, as I slowed my stimulation. She relaxed and took a deep breath, closing her eyes and making cooing noises. I took my fingers out of her pussy and ass. I kissed her again, this time more gently. She smiled and said 'Your turn.'

I undressed and she began stroking me, it didn't take me long and I came on her stomach. She was really horny again at that point so I made her cum again, then a bit later I jacked off and came on her sexy ass.

Eventually we tired ourselves out and took a shower together, we took a brief nap and spent the rest of the day naked in the house. We're still together to this day and have since done lots more.



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