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Fun time at the movies

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Had some secret fun by myself while at the movies with my husband


My husband and I went to see the big recent fantasy movie yesterday, you know which one, and I had been feeling a bit frisky all day. At our local theater, you can reserve online these large reclining seats and order meals and drinks. The aisle in front of the seats is wide so the waiters can move back and forth easily and the seats of a wide permanent arm rest between them. They are very nice and comfortable and I purposely selected a set at one end on the last row.

I wore a loose fitting short skirt with nothing under it and some thigh-high black stockings. I wore a soft knit top and no bra. I don't really need a bra and I like the feel of the soft fabric against my sensitive nipples. It was chilly out and I wore my long coat that comes down to my knees. He had no clue what I was up to.

In the theater, I took the seat on the aisle, and pulled my coat over me like blanket both to keep me warm and for some privacy, squirming in anticipation. The place was sold out. Once the drinks and food were done and the movie well underway, I snuggled under my coat, lifted my butt up to pull my skirt up around my waist, opened my legs fairly wide and began to stroke my very moist slit.  I took my time.   This was a long movie after all and no point rushing.

I loved sitting there, playing with myself in a roomful of people who had no clue, even from my husband sitting next to me, my own little secret.   He is much more into this movie than I am and I knew he would be concentrating mainly on it.  I kept thinking about the hot girl elf!).   After a while, I got a little bolder and pulled my top up to expose my perky breasts under the coat and play with my nipples with one hand. This went on for a sometime, one girl down a few seats even went to the restroom and back walking right past me as I diddled myself. She looked rather cute and that just made we even hotter.

I don?t really know how far it was into the movie when I let myself have the first orgasm, but Poppie heard me gasp and looked over at me.   As the orgasm subsided, I glanced over at him, pulled my wet fingers out from under the coat and sucked them into my mouth.   I really like my own taste.  It was great watching his face when he realized what I was doing. I checked to make sure no one was watching and I even lifted up my coat so he could get a glimpse of my exposed breasts and pussy.   I knew this was going to drive him crazy the rest of the movie.
I settled back in for the rest of the movie, my fingers working their magic.

I brought myself off two more times before the movie ended. The last time was during the big battle scene. Feeling bold and very horny, I looked around and everyone's face was glued to the very loud action in front of them. The scene was also very bright, filling the theater with light. I don't know what got into me, but I pulled my coat up some exposing my pussy a little as I fingering it and tweaked my nipples to one last great orgasm.   Like my husband, I do like masturbating in places you are not supposed to do it and with people around who have no clue.  I loved being exposed up in the far corner, no one noticing, except Poppie when he heard me grunting a bit from orgasm that hit me.   I stayed like that until my orgasm fully subsided, adjusted my skirt and top, and pulled my coat back over me to enjoy the rest of the movie, thinking about the hard lump in my husband's jeans and how badly I wanted to take care of it when we got home.



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