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Full Court Press

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The benefits of basketball practice far exceeded my expectations. While sexual encounters with the cheerleader occurred many times during March Madness, the gym was not one of them. All other aspects of the story are true.


March Madness got me excited about two things: b-ball and babes! Playing hoops and scoring with chicks was the #1 game plan during the season. As a senior and captain of the Catholic Central squad, my job was to get the team to state finals, and being so driven, I used the school gym each Sunday to put in hours of extra practice honing my court skills. The babe thing seemed to work itself out.

That weekend I went early and while warming up I heard a door slam in the nearby girl’s locker area. A minute passed and suddenly I had company. Pam, the head cheerleader, burst onto the court in her sexy uniform, and shouted out “Go Team!” Judging by her startled look she had not expected to see me or anyone else there! She explained that she came to work on a new routine to be performed with her cheer mates at a future game. I told her why I was there and to go ahead and cheer away because it might help me stay fired up and focused.

She was a beauty – dark wavy hair pulled back into a pony tail, framing her tanned and freckled face, friendly bright smile and beautiful hazel eyes. They were so green I wondered if she was part cat – she sure moved like one. She was well-proportioned and not very tall, but she sure wasn’t short on anything else including athletic ability and sex appeal. Her body was mouth-watering and could make a guy ache if he stared for very long.

The only drawback to unsupervised practice was lack of light. The switches were under lock and key and if it were not for skylights, the gym would have been pitch-black. With that handicap, I started to work on my hook shot, but kept my eye on her too. It was light enough to see that she was, as they say, “poetry in motion”. The more she swiveled and danced the more erotic my fantasy became of hooking up with her later. I noticed that she glanced over at me and smiled a couple of times. She was cute! Her enthusiastic workout had helped mine, the cheering was great, so I was sad her exhibition ended and to hear that she was done for the day.

Before she turned to leave I asked if she wanted to have a soda with me to help cool down and she accepted. We talked and sipped our drinks facing each other as we straddled one of the hardwood bleachers. The semi-darkness now favored our intimate mood. We didn’t say much important, but she had a great smile and it was nice being close to her. I did learn that she was an Aquarius, and compatible with me, a Pisces, and that she could vote too!

Her ultra-short cheering skirt was hiked up to reveal her crotch and the dark panties she wore. I must have looked weird because she asked if something was wrong. I still can’t believe I said, “I see London, I see France, I see your blue underpants!” I sounded like a five year old! She answered, “Really? Well, smart ass, I can see your jockstrap and some pubic hair sticking out, so what?” I looked down and sure enough, my tattered old shorts weren’t doing the job of covering me either. We both giggled nervously, but neither of us did anything for modesty’s sake.

The message was clear, “Go ahead and look, I’ve got nothing to hide from you!” With that, I quickly sat my drink down and pressed my hands onto her warm, soft knees. She didn’t resist and boldly did the same to me. That’s when the sex floodgates opened and surging currents of lust flowed between us. We kissed and slid our hands further up the others thighs and began feeling and probing their crotch. Hers was on fire and so was I! I found her slit and rubbed up and down through her silky briefs. She moaned a little so I inserted my fingers under her panties and into her steamy, wet vagina.

Meanwhile she had freed my swollen dick and pulled on it in the most pleasant way. Instantly we were in full arousal and masturbating each other and it was pure, passionate pleasure! I rubbed her breasts and clit and fucked her with my fingers faster and faster. She rocked into my hand and was breathing hard. My dick was ready to explode, but exactly when was up to Pam’s warm hand and intense stroking.

As we stared into the others fiery eyes we finally came in a burst of erotic ecstasy! My cum shots spurted across her hand and down her leg and with each wave of her orgasmic eruptions her pussy lips oozed more creamy, hot, love juices. Contented and spent, we leaned in and hugged until our euphoric high ebbed away.

Thankfully, our mutual masturbation wasn’t the last time we enjoyed sins of the flesh together. That’s how the good nuns referred to illicit sex between their students, and in my playbook those sins were definitely winners!

From that day forward the term “Full Court Press” triggered thoughts only of Pam, fun sex, and that fine day long ago in our deserted high school gym. Go Team!



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