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Another story from a client.


One day when no one was home, I got crazy, and used the bottle of Nair I had been hiding for a while. It was quite easy to remove all the hair from my crotch, leaving me as bald as a brand-new baby down there. I removed the hair from my chest, too. As soon as the hair was gone, I jerked off to a fantastic orgasm.

Shortly afterward, I became all shameful, all embarrased about what I had done. What if my housemates saw me? The five of us had seen each other nude on various occasions. It was no big deal. We were college students who shared a big four bedroom house (plus a camper out in the yard). There was only one bathroom. We had become pretty casual abuot that. And, on a few hot summer days, the three girls would make a meal in the kitchen while stark naked. Us two guys went out of our way to act like it was business as usual, but we would have instantly said 'yes' to an orgy. But that didn't happen, at least not the first several months.

So, now I had a problem. I came to dinner wearing a T-shirt and shorts, which was normal for that household. We were usually clothed, only naked on warm days. My T-shirt hid my shaved chest, which I had become very concerned about anyone seeing.

What I didn't realize is that Lilly caught on. During dinner, she said, "Hey Larry, did you shave your chest?"

Busted! She must have noticed the hair gone from around the collar area.

What could I say, but "Yes."

That got the girls to tittering, and generally poking light fun of me. The other guy, Jacob, was quiet, but smiling wryly.

After dinner, the five of us would commonly gather in various chairs around the livingroom and watch a movie.

As the movie, The Last Nimsy, started, it seems the girls, especially Lilly, couldn't focus. She came and sat on the arm of my chair. Very sexy. She hadn't done that before. All five of us had been very prim and proper about our sexuality. She seemed to be coming on to me. Or something.

Suddenly, with a shriek-like giggle, she literally tore my T-shirt up over my head. My chest was exposed. I was turning beet red in the face, and couldn't even speak. My secret was out. Fuck!

Unfortunately, Lilly wasn't done. "Did you shave 'down there' too?"

I didn't say anything.

Lilly, and now Cindy and Joan had surrounded me, wrestled me to the carpet and were tugging at my shorts. I was horrified, and tried my best to hang on to the waistband to keep them up. But with Larry's help, they easily overpowered me, and now my hairless, limp balls and dick were available for all to see.

I needn't have worried or been embarrassed. Lilly said "Cool" in a very admiring way.

It was Larry, of all people, the last one I'd expect on earth, who reached out, and touched my dick first. Now, I was trying hard not to get erect. I know that's crazy. I should have proudly boned up, and just simply enjoyed the great attention.

Well, I boned up anyway, and pretty soon, I was receiving an eight-hand massage, and within moments, way too soon, I ejaculated.

I'll tell you the rest of the story one of these days.



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