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Friend Teaches Me About Pool Jets

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Remembering the time when my buddy taught me how to use the pool jet to get off. 

It’s certainly one of my favorite methods to get my rocks off. 


I remember the first time that my buddy showed me how to do it…. 



We were early high school age, and a friend of mine who had become a jerkoff buddy had an in-ground pool. (There are lots of stories of how that all came about, let me know if you want to hear some of them.) I’m pretty sure it was relatively early in our learning/experimentation phase, and we were skinny-dipping together. We were enjoying the time that we had swimming around naked, our rigid members acting like little rudders as we floated around each other, both of us trying to act all nonchalant and cool. The reality of the situation was that both of us were just trying to show off our dicks to each other and get the other guy crazy horny while at the same time trying to get a good look at the other guy's cock and get worked up into a frenzy ourselves. But acting “cool” about it the whole time. Funny. 



After a while floating around and checking out each other's rigid members, he asked me if I wanted to see something cool, a new way to shoot my load. As we were early in our progress with each other, I was somewhat nervous, but I was also about as horny as a human being could get, so I said yes. 



He climbed out of the pool stark naked, and I couldn’t imagine what he was up to. If any of the neighbors saw him, our “time” would be up and we’d be busted. He ran, dick pointing straight out and bouncing, to where they stored the pool toys. He grabbed a mask, and immediately jumped back in the pool. 



He brought me over to the wall, and told me to put the mask on. I did, and he pointed down at his dick and told me to hold my breath and check it out. I took as deep a breath as I could, went under, and was mesmerized by the sight I saw. 



There was his stiff cock, bouncing around in the jet stream of water coming from the pool pump. He was holding it near the base, and it was obvious that he was holding it so that it would stay in the blast of the jet as much and as long as possible. It was freaking mesmerizing, and I wanted to stay and watch until he emptied his balls…. But I was quickly running out of air. 



When I surfaced, he had a huge grin on his face, and he asked me if I liked what I saw. I admitted that it was extremely hot, and asked him if it felt good enough to make him cum. 



He admitted that he had done it a number of times, and had learned to some extent to actually control when he was going to cum. He told me that the jet felt GREAT no matter where it hit your dick, but when the jet hit right on the underside where your head meets your shaft, (frenulum) your urge to come would build really quickly…. So then you’d move “up” and let it massage your shaft, it would still feel fantastic, but things would build much more slowly. 



I was ready to jump in front of that jet and blow a nut, but I was also ready to just go back under and watch my buddy blast his load…. 



We ended up spending the next few minutes with me taking breaths and going down to watch him for as long as I could, and I quickly learned to see how he would move and let the stream hit him in different areas along his shaft, trying to make it last and keep from blowing…. I would later learn that this was called edging. (We did this in a lot of ways. Again, if you want other stories from my past, ask, and I’ll type them out.)



After a few minutes he told me he was ready to cum. He told me to wait for a few seconds while he “got ready”…. I could tell that he was adjusting how the stream massaged his cock, getting ready to lose it all…. 



He told me to take a deep breath and check it out…. I went under, and for a few seconds it seemed like maybe I’d gotten there too early or he was taking longer than expected…. And then all of a sudden I saw his balls clench way up, and rope after rope of jizz pumped into the water…. It was stinking mesmerizing watching him pump shot after shot of cum into the pool…. He was standing (and holding his prick) absolutely still, wanting the jet to blast him in just the right spot…. The only movement I saw was a little wavering of his dick within the stream, and his balls and shaft contracting over and over as he spilled his seed…



I think I counted 7 or 8 shots before I could see that he was starting to diminish…. And although my lungs were starting to tell me that I needed more air, I stayed right where I was, watching his spasming dick continue to empty, wanting to see every last bit of his orgasm….



I finally came up for air, looked at my buddy, and his face was relaxed in almost a look of relief…. He looked at me, smiled, and just said, “Yeah”. Then he looked at me again and asked, “Ready?” 



I couldn’t wait. 



Been hooked on pool jets (and hot tub jets, and handheld showers) ever since.




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