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Memories and fantasies of a O’l Special Friend. Wrote this last year. 


When I am feeling horny I sometimes take to watching videos of men masturbating until I cum. Many times I find myself horny for no apparent reason and by way of imagination I make myself orgasm…much of my imaginative inspiration in recent months have come from my special friend. I don't get to talk much with him anymore as he went in another direction, however we do keep in touch from time to time and I still think of him. In fact I did think of him just the other day…and this is how it went…

He was on my mind…I had been missing him a lot. The lovely random conversations we haven't had in quite a while…the minuscule chatting we would do, and knowing he was there to talk to. In fact, to be honest, more than anything that’s what I miss most about him. However, for the sake of this story….I will elaborate explicitly on how I miss him sexually.

I awoke with a memory of a faint dream. I couldn't recall any detail, just that he was inside my head that night…like I wish he was inside of me right now…I went on about my day and all the while he would enter my mind. I wonder if sometimes he ever thinks of me and if our thoughts ever cross paths in the universe at the same time. His presence was really with me this day. I could not help but remember a meeting in my car.

I love my blacked out car windows for a couple reasons. Initially I had them tinted to block out the sun and keep the heat at bay…but as time has gone on they have provided me with a secure place to have fun and explore myself. And inevitably my friend.

So there we were in my car staring at each other with our hands on our private parts. I could tell he was very excited and nervous. I was too. We had been working each other up all day flirting and talking about meeting…recalling some of our past meetings and reliving them (One of my favorite things to do). Earlier in the day I sent him a photo of my hand near my vagina with my panties on and another with my panties hanging from my review mirror as I drove to meet him. I love enticing both his mind and his penis. It gave me great satisfaction when he tells me how excited I get him. Thoughts of him make me feel good causing my vagina to swell and become sticky wet. During this meeting we played and he made me cum…but what I masturbated to today, was thinking if his cumming that day…

I am in my bed, straddling a pillow and viewing myself in my mirror as I recall that day in my car. I remember I had sat on his leg and we were both masturbating ourselves. When he told me he could feel the warmth of my vagina on his thigh, I almost lost myself right then. His face was close to mine and his scent infused my senses with sexual desire. I laid back and it didn't take long for him to make me squirt at him….I then was lucky enough to do the stroking for him…how I loved feeling him in my hands. The skin of his penis was just perfect. I liked how it felt between my fingers. I asked if I could put him inside my mouth. He said yes. We hadn't don't that yet. But I wanted to. So I did upon his approval.

I craved sucking his orgasm out of him while gulping and devouring his release into my throat. Instead I continued to suck a little but mostly stroke him…I sat up and faced him while my hands kept going…he spoke to me while I took my hands up and down along his hardness…He told me how his orgasm was building and how much he liked it. He asked for it to be faster and I happily obliged. His penis erupted with cum that spewed all over me. I loved how warm it felt and how it blended into my skin as I rubbed it in.

So here in my bed as I’m recalling this encounter and I am on my tummy now. I have a pillow under my hips while I press into it repeatedly creating a reaction inside my vagina. In my mind I kept replaying his words from that day in my car over and over as I began to feel myself build towards a climax. While remembering how his breaths began to come in rapid successions and how his penis contractions were getting stronger and stronger as his orgasm built I grew closer to my own orgasm. My body became stiff with pent up desire, raging to be let go. I began riding the edge of that point where once you cross it you don't return. As I approached this pivotal point in my orgasm I remembered how his cum went all over me, how I felt the twitching of his penis and the shake of his body. It makes me become so aroused to think of him like this.

As I thrusted my hips into my pillow I could feel the lips to my vagina parting as I spread my legs a little more. My clit would then receive some stroking from the pillow. I closed and opened my legs intermittently while pressing faster and deeper into the pillow. I also imagined doing this while on top of him. With each brush of my clit from the pillow my vagina grew tighter and stickier. Through imagination I could feel his penis thrusting into my pussy spreading the walls inside me. I imagined telling him how strong my climax was growing and to be ready for it when I cum….Upon the last visual replay of his cum smothering my breast that day in my car I came hard into my pillow while thinking of him.

Sometimes I miss him.



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