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French Maid

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I always get off remembering her


We once lived in France where my parents hired a French girl to help take care of my young sister and me, though I was much older and had been enjoying getting myself off almost every day for some years.

Janue was in her twenties, a slim brunette with nice long legs, small breasts and I think maybe she was a virgin with an intense curiosity about boys. At least she always smiled when she saw me lounging around in my sweats on the floor trying to steal a look up her legs. She knew I got intese erections over her and she seemed to always be smiling and making it easier for me to see up her shapely legs.

She had me all worked up and hot one day when she smiled, put a finger to her lips and pointed to my bedroom. My folks had gone shopping so I bounded in there to see what this was about. Long story short she pointed to the big bulge in my pants and wanted me to lay down on my bed. I did and Janue lay down beside me. I tried to kiss her but she shook her head and backed away. She patted her chest and said, 'Me.' And smiled. Then she slowly touched the bulge of my pants.

I almost freaked it felt so good. She wanted me to take off my sweats. I did in an instant. My cock stood straight up throbbing. Her eyes locked at it and her hand closed around it. She stroked me too slow. I stopped her and showed her the speed. She said. 'How you do?' I nodded as she speeded up.

Her hand made love to my cock for five minutes until my whole body was stiff and my toes curled up. I panted. She did too. Her face was very red. I could tell she really enjoyed playing with my cock. She did everything. When I was about to shoot off and couldn't take it any longer, she just smiled and stopped her hand until I begged her to go on.

She kept playing the fast and slow tease, rubbing, squeezing, always studying my reactions and I know she was getting excited teasing me. Her face was perspiring, she licked her lips repeatedly, she smiled but was intensely interested in my reactions to her hand.

I could smell her sex and while doing me her short skirt was pushed high up her thighs and I saw her thin pink panties showing her full thick nest of black hair. Her crotch was soaked. She was moving her hips and when she saw me staring at her crotch she smiled and said, 'You like?' I nodded vigorously.

When I saw the redness of her face as she squeezed her legs and moved her hips in short jerks, she gripped my penis tighter. There was no teasing now. Suddenly her hips pumped swiftly and she bit her lower lip. He hand jerked me hard fast, and that was all it took. I stiffened like a board and lifted off the bed. Janue stared into my eyes intently. My cock convulsed over and over as my cum first cascaded hotly down over her fingers, then shot stream after stream of white jizz all over my upper chest with such incredibly sharp pleasure pangs that I held my breath and my heart thudded excitedly.

Janue kept fucking me with her lovely hand until there was no more left to shoot. Then she reached over to my bedside table for the box of tissues and handing several to me she took a handful herself and pushed them under her panties as she got up, excusing herself but smiling a sweet and whispered: 'Merci' to me as she hurried to our bathroom. Moments later I followed her and she pointed and grinned as my cum dripped down across my chest. Smiling as she left the bathroom, she pointed at it and said, 'Yes, I think you like beaucoup, mon cherie.'

I have come gallons over the years remembering what pleasure the beautiful Janue gave me that day and the many days that followed as she masturbated us both to incedibly exciting orgasms.

And she never once let me cup my hand around her wonderfully warm, wet and excited lovely pussy between her shapely legs. But I know her cummings were just as wonderful as those she gave me. If any women here can relate to the shared mutual pleasure Janue gave me, please comment because I really enjoy intense orgasms knowing my pleasure is simultaneously being shared by a girl or woman who likes doing these things for a young man. Thank you in advance for sharing the reading of this exciting moment in my young life with me. Reliving these moments my cums are always long and terribly exciting.



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