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French Kiss

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That first touch of tongues


I grew up in a very traditional English family and although I was very curious about sex I was totally ignorant about masturbation and deeply ashamed of my genitals which I thought of as very nasty and "rude" but in a rather exciting way as I realised all boys and girls had these dirty secrets between their legs. This was reinforced by my 14-year-old sister who one evening at bath time asked if she could see my willy. I remember kneeling on the bathroom floor with my knees on the scales and easing back my tight foreskin to show her the rudest part of my body---my bared cock head. This gave me a surprising pleasure and I became erect and my penis swelled up and poked out of my pajamas and pointed upwards. I was frightened by its large size and the intense feelings. She looked at the deep mauve glistening knob, which looked like a shiny damson plum and said, "Yuck, it looks like a great big ugly finger." This coloured my self-image until a wonderful experience that summer on holiday in France.

I had shared a room with a holiday friend, Johnny, and his older brother who was slightly retarded for two weeks. Johnny and I shared a double bed and for two weeks we did not touch each other and I made sure he did not see my penis which was now fully developed although I was still only twelve and had not yet ejaculated or grown much pubic hair. Johnny was an extremely beautiful boy---he still is---with amazing blonde hair and blue eyes and a lovely, cheeky smile that makes him very popular with girls and boys, very sporty and playful and we spent all our time playing on the beach or in the pinewoods and having fun. Every night we would collapse into bed and never thought of sex or anything like that. I tried to get a good peek at his penis whenever I could and it looked much like a smaller version of my own---about 2--3 inches long with a tapering foreskin. If he masturbated I was unaware of it.

Then on the last night our of our holiday our parents agreed we could have the room to ourselves and Johnny's brother would sleep in his parents room leaving us free to have a midnight feast. That night we crept out of the room in our pajamas and had our midnight feast on the beach. We got back to our room cold and damp with sand all over our pajamas. Johnny locked the door stripped of his damp pajamas and sat on the bidet that was in our room (typical French!) turning on the little spray. I watched as the warm water jetted up under Johnny's white buttocks---we were both deeply tanned from the sun---and his penis stood up to attention and lengthened to about four inches. It looked very sexy and "naughty" to me. He even started to stroke the shaft with two fingers.

"Wow this is wonderful," Johnny said as he slid back his foreskin and his purple cock head appeared. I tried not to stare but I was getting very aroused and my own penis was stiff as a board and I tried to conceal its size with my towel. "Your turn," he said so I tried to jump onto the bidet without letting Johnny see my huge erection but he saw it and instead of laughing or being disgusted he said, "You've got the biggest and nicest cock I've ever seen. It's even bigger than Dad's. Can I touch it?" I was so flattered by his approval especially after my sister's reaction when she saw my erection that I agreed.

We got on the bed together naked facing each other and with our stiff cocks almost touching. Johnny reached out and wrapped his fingers around my shaft and I did the same to him. We exposed our cock heads and I even slid my long foreskin over his smaller knob and the feeling was incredible, like an electric charge going through my cock and balls and up my body. Our chests touched and then Johnny started moaning and thrashing around as I continued to touch his cock his eyes glazed over and his jaw dropped as he had his first dry orgasm. He kept saying over and over that he never knew ANYTHING could feel like that and then he looked at me, leant his face against mine, said, "Thank you," and put his lips to mine. It felt strange and I remember a faint trace of garlic on his breath from the French food we'd eaten, but it went on for ages as I experienced my first French kiss.

I was overwhelmed with gratitude that this very attractive boy should accept me so intimately and I did a totally spontaneous thing. I lowered my mouth over his cock and kissed it. (I had never seen or heard of fellatio---it was just instinctive.) It got hard immediately and Johnny quickly had a second climax with no sperm, but curiously he squirted several drops of a sweet tasting fluid into my mouth and I swallowed it as a token of my gratitude.

Well that changed my self-image forever. The next night we stopped off at a hotel on our way back to England and amazed our parents by going straight to our room after dinner and having a night when we both learnt the art of how to give and receive pleasure. We never did this again and our next encounter was with our own girlfriends. There followed years of delightful petting and learning all the techniques of pleasuring another person with both sexes.

However I was now on fire with lust and felt proud of my sexuality and no longer ashamed. When we got home my sister got interested in me again and would get me to dance with her in her room at bedtime when we were both in our nightclothes. I made sure before I went into her room that my cock was swollen and the purple cock head uncovered so she could get a good look at it through the opening in my pajamas! She put on dark glasses so I couldn't see her staring at me and then got me to flex my muscles and pose in such a way that the full length of my cock was visible to her. She even took some Polaroid photos that I found under her pillow and you could see everything. Eventually I became relaxed and let her see me and even touch it. She said it looked amazing and all her friends would love to have me as a boyfriend. She also showed me her breasts and let me fondle and kiss her nipples and twice got that dreamy look in her eyes as she squeezed her legs and had what I now know was an orgasm.

So my self-image healed, and I am now grateful for my sexuality and express this in many ways with a fulfilling marriage to a woman who enjoys sex in all its wonderful forms, but I am still thankful for that first French kiss!



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