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About this time last year, I fell off my bike and broke my right leg and left arm and finished up in plaster casts. I was fifteen at the time.

At home I could not put on my pyjamas over my leg cast and my dad cut the pyjama leg off to make it easier. On the day of my story my dad was at work and my mum said I was to change my pyjamas, but I thought it might be easier putting on boxers. My mum tried to get them on but they would not go over the cast so she cut a good part of the leg off and they slipped on ok, all this time I was lying there naked but it is not unusual for my mum or dad to see me naked, so thought nothing of it.

Later she told me that my neighbour in the flat across from ours was coming in to sit with me while she went shopping in case I needed anything or someone called. So a short time later Fred came in, he is 35 and married with two kids. He told mum he would take care of me and she went out. He stood at the window till he saw her walk along the road and then came over to me. I was lying on top of the bedcovers with only my boxers on, he laughed when he saw the leg cut off.

He said they were fancy one's, and touched the cut off leg and his hand rested on my penis. I said nothing, so he said did I fancy some fun, I thought why not and said ok. He pulled my boxers down and off leaving me naked and started to stroke my balls and penis which soon went rigid. He then stripped off and I saw his penis was about six inches long and quite thick, it was cut and he had this big purple head, now I am only about five inches hard.

He then started tossing me off and a short while later I came. My semen shot into the air and splashed over my stomach. He told me to do it to him so I gripped this thick penis and gave him a good pull and soon he came and shot his semen over my stomach. He got some paper tissues and cleaned me and him up, and got my boxers back on and got dressed before mum came back.

After mum came back he said he would pop in later for a chat. Later that night he came in and spoke to my dad for a time and then came into my bedroom. He asked me if I had enjoyed this morning and I replied that I had. So he slipped my boxers down just enough to free my penis and balls and unzipped his trousers and pulled his penis out of the front of his boxers, he said it would mean we could cover up quickly if someone came in.

He gave me another wank but this time had a tissue ready for the cum and then I did him again and he was ready again with a tissue. I am back to normal again but me and Fred still have wanking sessions when we get the chance.



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