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Following Direction

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many years ago my girlfriend judy and i went on one of those vacation specials offered to college students..i told my boyfriend that i'd be away for a few days but keep in touch..the first night in the hotel judy and i would talk about school,boys and sex...after a few days the talks became more boring and we decided to ask rich to come down and hang out with us...things really picked up after that...there was rich taking us out to eat and dancing with us both...our vacation was becoming---fun!!

of course rich had no where to sleep and so he shared our room...he and i in one bed and judy a few feet away in the other...rich was very shy about the whole situation..after all, here was a very healthy male in bed with a very horny female and the temptation would be there all night...frankly, i couldn't help myself...i began to tease rich constantly..i rubbed his penis...put my wet pussy on his leg...anything to make him breakdown...he kept looking at judy to see if she noticed..i think he was finally realizing he couldn't contain himself..and so it began...he rolled on top of me and began kissing me all over going thru with our foreplay ritual..the only difference was we stayed under the covers,after all we didn't want to upset judy in any way..

after a few minutes, judy ask me that if we wanted her to leave the room while we finished..rich and i were both shocked at her relaxed attitude ..i told her that wouldn't be neccessary..and we would just forget it that night...she said--nonsense and it was no big deal...she then told rich to continue---well, i was in shock...jokingly, i said any place special...judy then replied. well you can at least take the covers off ,i'm sure you two will be more confortable... again,more shock...but we both complied and started to laugh..i then asked,anything else?..she the told rich to massage my breasts..then to rub my stomach...then to kiss my nipples..then to massage my back..and kiss my shoulders...her direction was becoming more bold...she told rich that his should take hs cock and rub my body with it...and he did...she then said to fuck when ready...and we did...when i was about to come,judy told rich to keep a steady pace so i wouldn't lose the feeling...judy seemed to know that i was about to explode,and she told rich to hang on for another few minutes...when i finally came,rich was still not finished...judy asked him to stop pumping and told me to stroke him until he shot...we both watched rich struggle to hang on for few more minutes but it was impossible...he shot his load with judy and i watching his cock pump loads of cum everywhere...what a scene!!

i turned to judy and said, well this was totally unexpected...she replied,and so is this...judy began to rub her pussy with rich and i both watching intently...and she didn't need any direction..she fondled her clit with one hand and tits with the other...after about 2 minutes she moaned and bucked her way to one very intense orgasm--never feeling one bit shy about the whole thing...that night rich and i had a few more bump and grinds not feeling the least bit inhibited..



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