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First Time Experience at New High School

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This story is about two 16 year olds experimenting for the first time. Completely true.


This story about me and a high school friend took place eight years ago when I was 16. I had just started a new high school after moving into the area. I knew I was into guys, thought I was Bi at least, but didn't think I'd end up finding out just how much I liked it as soon as I did.

So after the first couple weeks I met this guy in my classes, Steve. Steve was pretty cool, focussed on class and kept to himself for the most part...but there was something about him that made me curious if we might end up fooling around. I had already been accepted into the in-crowd, the school athletes as I was on the football team and Steve wasn't in that crowd, but I still made up my mind to ask him if he wanted to hang out. I should also mention that Steve was mormon, so I never thought we would do anything too serious. Boy I was wrong.

One day in class we were paired up with the person in front of us for a project. I was with Steve. We worked on our assignment and then I got the courage to ask him if he had any plans after school. He said no so I asked him if he wanted to come over to my house afterwards and hang out. At first he seemed surprised and hesitant, but eventually said he would.

3.30pm rolls around and I find Steve and ask him if he is still down to hang and tell him I can drive us to my house. He says yep and we get on our way. When we get to my house we get a drink and chit chat and then go to the computer/game room and just start surfin the web for who knows what. I get enough courage to 'accidentally' go to a porn site and I can tell Steve is a bit uncomfortable yet interested; as he was mormon I assume he had never seen porn before. As we started looking at the pics and videos I noticed he was getting hard and started adjusting himself. I was raging hard by now. After about 10 minutes I asked him if he wanted to see my room.

When we get in my room we sit on the bed and start talking when I just straight up ask him if he ever jerks off. He said no it was against his religion and his parents would kill him if they found out. Apparently they had a large family and a smaller sized house so he didn't have privacy even if he wanted to try it.

'Well dude why don't you just try it here, I mean we're both guys and there is nothing to be afraid of' I said

He was silent. I figured I messed that one up big time.

'Alright, but I don't really know what to do' Steve said

'I'ts cool, just follow my lead I'll show ya'

'We're going to do it here, together???' Steve said sounding quite surprised

'Well yeah, if you want to, I think it would be more fun and we can help each other out and stuff' I said.

So we started to get undressed and he was pretty shy. He took his time. Finally he got to his underwear and as soon as those came off I saw a nice, averaged sized cock looking like it was about to explode. He was already leakin! I didn't believe that mormons don't jerk off but after seeing how horny and naïve Steve was I believe it.

I told him to watch me and I started to slowly jerk my cock. I had some lube in my dresser and got some and gave him some and told him it would feel awesome. The guy was in heaven; you could see it in his eyes that he was mystified and experiencing total pleasure.

I got the courage to reach over and move his hand away and take his cock in my hand. It was cool to have another guy's cock in my hand especially one so hard. I slowly jerked him and in about two minutes he shot his load everywhere. It was awesome, he was bucking his hips and moaning. After he finished, he reached over and jerked me for a few minutes till I came. He looked like he was feeling pretty guilty at first but then I think he lightened up.

We jerked again about 30 minutes later which was even better than the first. From then on he came over about twice or three times a week and we did the same thing. Eventually we started experiencing more, but that isn't for here.



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