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First Time being Masturbated

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What a difference her hand makes.


In my original post I explained my first time masturbating. Quite a rewarding experience I might add. Around my 18th birthday, when I could drive, I started dating. My friend told me about a girl who would allow me the privileges every boy dreams of. (to a point). I was a fearful Catholic boy, who knew the ramifications of making a girl pregnant so intercourse was not what I was looking for. Being enamored with female breasts, I was looking for a chance at 2nd base. I dated the girl recommended by my friend, and we enjoyed many encounters which could be classified as "kissy, kissy pressy body."

 It then escalated to feeling and kissing her naked breasts which, as one can imagine, produces a raging erection. She in turn massaged me through my pants never exposing myself. One evening, alone in a secluded area, we were heavily involved. It was "her time of the month," but she was naked to the waist, and I was enjoying her soft, supple breasts, and erect nipples. She was massaging me over my pants, when I felt a tug on my zipper. I let her go to see how far she was willing to take the situation. Sooner than later my very erect penis was out and standing proud for her to see. She proceeded to hold it and lightly feel it. After a few minutes of this I could sense rumblings beginning and warned her of the eventual consequences if she continued stroking.. 

The sensation was far more intriguing than any self stimulation I had performed. We continued to fondle each other without incident for a while longer, and mutually ended the encounter without an orgasm. As I had explained in my first story, I was used to rubbing the frenulum, so my ejaculations were more like a flowing stream rather than an eruption. That changed when I got home.

Needless to say, as I got into bed, it took no time to achieve an erection consistent with the one I had earlier. Rock hard and ready, I began stroking like she did, and before too long felt that sensation start to build. This time, however, I was astounded by the force of my ejaculation. Semen shot straight out in three forceful basts before subsiding with a weakening flow. Wow was all I could feel aside from deep satisfaction. We continued to date off and on but never went beyond the touching and light stroking phase, and she never saw me cum.

In my senior year I started to date one girl seriously and  our sexual encounters escalated rapidly. I had some experience, she had very little. We went from partially clothed encounters with breast play and the like, to fully naked encounters but less the intercourse(that would come soon enough). 

One night we were totally naked sitiing next to one another. I was kissing her breasts and pulling her hard nipples as she stroked my penis and massaged my testicles. I was also fingering her now very moist pussy and lighlty rubbing her clit. I love the naked body of a woman, and her's was a delight to feast my eyes on. All of this had me at a state of hardness not felt before. I thought I was going to stretch out of my skin I was so hard. She would bend slightly and rub my erection over her breasts and nipples sending me into another place. She then whispered into my ear, " Let me get you off." Who was I to say no. I leaned back, continuing to minister to her nipples and breasts as she began stroking away. 

This was ecstacy at a level I had never experienced. The feeling of someone else controlling the outcome was electrifying. She stroked hard, then softly, driving me insane. She ran her finger down the frenulum, rubbed the head and corona as well and didn't miss a beat. I was in a dream land. Looking at a nude female body, feeling the firmness of her breasts and nipples was simply too much. I felt the sensations start to build but different now because I was not providing the impetus, she was. She was in control, not me. All I could muster was "Oh man!" and proceeded to shoot what felt like lasers of semen, spraying everywhere, all over both me and her. It was the most intense orgasm of my young life. My girlfriend was quite pleased with her part in it, and her next words were stunning. She said, "As great as that was, soon you can have me." I'll share that soon.



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