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First Time Adult Theater

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My first time visiting an adult theater


My first experience with another guy was when I was 19. I was still in the closet and was desperate for the touch of another guy. I knew about a gay theater in West Hollywood but I was always to embarrassed to go there. One evening I worked up my nerve and went into the theater. The theater was dark and there was a gay porn film playing. I took a seat in the corner and began watching the film and also watched the other guys in the theater.

I was excited being in the theater, and the thrill of other guys looking for action turned me on. I grew hard and discretely started to rub my crotch through my pants. Then I put my jacket in my lap and unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. I began jerking off, trying to be discreet. Soon a guy about 23 or 24 sat next to me. I was nervous, so I stopped jerking and pretended to watch the video. Then he brushed his leg against mine and I did not turn away. He put his hand on my knee, and I grew hard as a rock.

I took his hand and moved it under my jacket to my cock. For the first time someone else had there hand on it. I remember I was so hard and I was leaking precum. He unbuttoned my pants and reached inside my underwear. I spread my legs allowing him to rub my balls. He removed my jacket from my lap and exposed my cock. I remember he reached his hand past my balls and I lifted my ass off the seat so he could play with my ass. I loved this and was leaking precum all over. His finger was rubbing my asshole and I was squirming trying to get it to slide in me. Then he forced his finger up in me and I was in heaven. With his other hand he resumed jerking me off. I was rocking slowly back in forth trying to get his finger to slide up deeper into me. Then he tried to insert a second finger. But it hurt. He told me to relax and he licked his fingers for lube. He kissed me on the lips and again tried to put two fingers in me. It hurt but I wanted to feel him in me. Eventually he reached his way in and felt around up there. He went back to my cock with his other hand and again started to jerk me. It felt so good. Then he started moving his fingers in and out of my ass, I moved up and down with him slowly. It was too much I whispered I was going to cum, and then I started shooting all over my pants, my shirt, his hand. It was quite a mess. I felt ashamed afterwards, embarrassed because I did this in a public place. I quickly zipped up and got out of there. I did not reciprocate. This was my first time with a guy.



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