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First Female Experience

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How a neighbor girl and I learned the other sex masturbates. Remember this was in the very early 60's, pre-internet and we did not have the information available now. I have attempted to recreate the conversation as best as I can remember after over 50 years.


Our neighborhood was a very typical suburbia neighborhood of the 1950's. Several streets of tract homes all built on about 5 or 6 floor plans following the end of WW II. Most of the families had moved in when the area opened up in 1947.

Typical of the time was that everyone on the street knew everyone else quite well. Large groups of kids would run around the neighborhood from house to house on weekends and during the summer. Street baseball was constant, touch football often played in 2 adjoining yards that did not have too many trees. It really was a pretty ideal childhood for me. The only drawback was my age. Many of the families had moved in with young children when the housing tract opened. I was born shortly after the move-ins happened. Most of the neighbor kids were older by 4 or more years than I was, but they always allowed me to play. Behind me in age the closest was 3 years younger so I was sort of a loner in things like scouts and little league. The one exception was Carol. She was only 2 months younger than me.

Carol was just another kid in most aspects, joining in in the football games, three-flys up, 500 and baseball games. Due to our age, we were often the only ones around as the older kids began getting jobs, dating, etc. Our families were quite close. We lived directly across the street from one another, attended the same church and we often were left in the care of each others parents when someone had something special to do. As very small children we were often bathed together, but that ceased sometime around first or second grade, maybe even sooner. However we had seen each other naked many times and it was no big deal.

One summer afternoon we had been riding our bikes all around the area. One afternoon we had been riding bikes all around the neighborhood and returned home. We were in the backyard of her house and I saw that wash was hanging on the line to dry. (Remember this is 1950's very few people used dryers, we were green before it was cool to be green!) I spotted some bras on the line and immediately sprang a boner. I had no idea if they belonged to her mom or older sisters, but they were not my mom's and they had an effect on me. My cock was stiff and sticking out against my shorts, there was no missing it.

"You got a boner," she proclaimed as if making a news announcement I did not know. "Why?" she asked.

"I dunno, I guess seeing your sister's bras on the line. I kind of think of seeing her boobs."

"Someday, I'll get boobs too."

"Yeah, when?" I asked her.

"I already got my period" she stated proudly. Hmm, I had just recently been informed about those and knew it had noting to do with grammar. I had noticed she DID have a little swelling in her chest area where breasts were sprouting. "I even am getting some hair down there."

My cock was really getting hard now, she mentioned pubic hair! I needed to get home and jack off!

She continued to boast, "I can even climax."

Now I am lost. "Climax? What is that?"

"You know, when I play with myself and then it feels really, really good."

Light in my head goes off! I understand. I had been playing with myself for years at this point and in the past few months I had climaxed too!

"Barbara (her older sister) sort of showed me how to do it just right." Barbara was 4 years older than Carol and Cynthia was 6 years older. Barb and Carol shared a bedroom in the 3 bedroom home.

"Do you play with yourself?" she asked in what was almost, in my mind, an accusing tone.

"Uh, no, well...yeah...uh..sometimes" I managed to stammer.

"How often?" Now her voice sort of changed. My dick was straining against my shorts. I needed to blow a load soon.

"A few times a week. Well, actually, about every day."

I asked her how often she did it. "A few times a week. It seems that I do it more and more now."

"Wow, I replied." I truly never thought of girls "beating-off."

Now, remember I was 15, I am still pretty naive. "How do girls do it?", I asked. "I mean, you don't have a dick to jack on."

"I just rub it slowly and gently then get faster and harder until it happens. I need to do it soon." There was an urgency in her voice and I understood.

"Would you let me see you do it sometime?" she asked.

I was both embarrassed and excited at the same time. "I suppose" I remember stammering.

"Hey, mom went out shopping, I bet we could do it now. Wanna go inside?"

Scared as all get out, but excited at the prospect of doing something forbidden, I agreed.

I thought we would go to her bedroom, but she led me to the front room couch. "If my mom or sister comes driving up, you run to the bathroom" she told me.

"You go first" she commanded.

"No, it is your house you go first," I responded. Stalemate. This could be a problem. My mind quickly figured, "ok. let's go together." We stripped naked at the same time. Not difficult since it was summer and we were wearing just shorts and shirts.

We were seated on the couch just inches separating us. In a few seconds I was looking at a pussy that I had not seen in maybe 5 or 6 years. It was different now. She had light, wispy hair beginning to sprout, just like I had around my dick and balls. The big difference was her labia. In reminiscing, I am sure that they were swollen with excitement.

I let my hand grab my cock and began to stroke it. I watched as Carol slowly formed a V with her fingers and ran them up and down her labia. She was stopping with the base of her inverted V just above what I now know was her clitoris. I was so interested in what she was doing my high level of arousal subsided. Instead of blowing my load in seconds, I was able to keep slowly stroking my cock.

Carol began to get deeply absorbed into her own actions, closing her eyes frequently for several seconds. Her rubbing got faster and soon she began to use her left hand to also finger herself. I was so thankful to be able to see her pussy, glad that it was not covered in hair. My stroking was obviously getting faster too. I could hear her wet, hot pussy making squishy sounds as her fingers worked faster. Now, the third of my senses kicked in. I could smell her! OMG, my hand was stroking faster.

As I kept staring at that wonderful woman spot, I saw her insert the middle finger of her right hand a bit into her. Wow, she was fucking herself! That did it for me and I remember making some sounds as I began to cum. She watched my cock as my spurts of semen flew out, landing on my chest, stomach and leg. I felt so good. Maybe 10 seconds later, I watched in amazement as a female had an orgasm in my presence. I noticed her tiny, swollen breasts seemed just a bit larger. Or was it my imagination?

Carol got up and ran to the kitchen and got some wet paper towels and handed one to me. "Clean-up. You sure make a mess!" At the time I probably only ejaculated a teaspoon at the time, I had done it earlier in the day.

Over the next few years we would masturbate together maybe a total of 15 times, never touching one another. It was during our freshman year of high school that we ended our play time. The final time we did it together was in my bedroom. We were studying together for a science test. My mother was in the living room watching TV, never suspecting anything.

During our senior year I asked her to go out with me to a drive-in. My girlfriend had gone away with her family for the weekend and I thought I just might get laid in the back seat. After a few light kisses in the front seat it was time for a longer deeper, full-tongue kiss. She broke it after just a few seconds. A while later I tried again and this time my hand was moving to those now well developed boobs.

Well, sorry if I disappoint you but I was deeply disappointed that night. I was pretty soundly rejected and we did not even masturbate together.

Carol, if somehow you read this, thank you for those times and teaching me how a female enjoys pleasure.



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