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First Experiences at the School Pool

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Learning about the female body and masturbation with my friend Zoe.


When I was young during the summer we would have weekly swimming lessons at school. The boys and girls changing rooms were next to each other with a wall separating them. It was well known that if you stood on one of the benches there was a small hole through which you could see into the girls changing room, so all the boys would take turns to peek through in the hope of seeing some naked female flesh. Due to the height it was at it was difficult to get a good view of anything but at that age just the slightest glimpse of bare nipples or ass was extremely exciting for a young boy.

One day after we had finished changing, myself and a few friends were standing by the doorway to the girls changing rooms shouting things through to the girls, when a girl called Zoe came to the doorway with her towel wrapped around her. Being boys, we made some comments and told her she should take her towel off. She laughed and to our surprise she pulled her towel open to give us all a view of her totally naked young body. I gazed awestruck at her small developing breasts and looked down at the hairless slit between her legs, and then all too soon she closed her towel back around her and went back into the changing rooms laughing. My friends and I looked at each other and suddenly burst out laughing as well, but the image of Zoe's naked body was stuck in my mind...

Zoe and I were very good friends and the next day at lunchtime we were out on the playing fields near the pool and I decided to tell her how much I liked seeing her naked the day before, and that I couldn't stop thinking about it. She giggled and said 'you want to look again don't you?'. I said yes and she said 'well you have to show as well or it's not fair'. I said sure so she took my hand and led me to the pool and I followed her into the girls changing room. I was at an age when the slightest thing would give me an erection so the thought of getting a good look at my friend's naked body had my cock bulging in my pants. I said 'what if someone comes?' so she took me over to the toilet cubicle and locked the door behind us. It smelt of girls in there and I felt really naughty about what we were doing.

'You first' she said, so I nervously took my top off and then pulled down my pants and underwear to reveal my hard cock which was sticking straight up. 'Ooh it's stiff!' she giggled as she removed her top, revealing her small breasts that looked so beautiful to me at the time. Gaining confidence I cupped her breast in my hand, and the feel of her warm, soft skin was making my cock throb with excitement. She then took off her skirt and reached around me to hang it on the door, which caused her body to press against mine and I felt a spark run through my body.

Smiling at me, she pulled down her plain white panties to her ankles, and I remember noticing a stain in her panties where her pussy was, and wondered what it was. I knelt down to take a close look at her smooth folded pussy. I asked her if she ever touches herself there and she laughed and said no. She asked me if I ever played with my dick and I said yes because it feels good. 'Do you want to now?' she asked and I said yes. 'Can I touch yours?' I asked and after thinking for a moment she agreed. I nervously put my hand between her legs and rubbed her warm pussy. 'Does it feel good?' I asked and she said it felt 'tickly'. 'Where does the boys dick go?' I said and she sat on the toilet and opened her legs, giving me an amazing view of her pussy and asshole. She used her fingers to part her lips and said 'there' and I saw a tiny opening into her vagina. 'I want to put my finger in it' I said and she nervously said 'erm, if you want to' so I put my index finger to the small opening and slowly pushed it inside her. She made a little noise so I looked up at her but she said 'it's ok' and I continued pushing my finger into her until it was almost up to the last knuckle. 'That feels nice!' she said and I enjoyed the heat of her extremely tight, soft vagina gripping my finger inside her, and for the first time in my life, I genuinely understood why having sex with a girl must feel so incredible. The warmth and tightness was blowing my mind and I could only imagine how good it would feel if my penis was inside her.

'Ok your turn' she said, and I looked at her, 'Show me what you do to feel good'. We stood up, very close together in the small cubicle, naked with our underwear around our ankles. We were a similar height at the time so my erect penis was only a few inches away from her pussy. I took the hand that I had just used to finger her and placed it around my cock, and it was such a turn-on to know that in a small way some of the inside of Zoe's pussy was now touching my hard cock.

I had masturbated many times before but I had never had an orgasm, probably due to inexperience. This time my cock felt very sensitive to touch, more so than ever before, and the combination of the smell of girls in the air, and the sight of Zoe standing naked with her panties round her ankles only inches away from me, made something build up inside me as I stroked my cock in front of her. in what must have been less than a minute I felt my knees start to tremble and a strange, overwhelming feeling that I could not control. I remember feeling a little scared because I didn't know what was happening but I knew it felt unbelievably good so I jerked my cock faster until I felt an eruption of pure ecstasy and my cock started jerking uncontrollably as I had my first orgasm. Fortunately at that age I did not ejaculate when I came, otherwise due to how we were standing it would have splashed all over her pussy, and probably would have gone into her panties.

'Wow that felt good!' I said, and she giggled and gave me a kiss on the cheek. We quickly got dressed and carefully left the pool to go back to our friends. I noticed Zoe's face was red and I could feel mine was probably the same.

For a long time after that we would regularly go into the same cubicle together and get to know each others bodies and experiment with masturbation. As I grew in confidence and became ever more fascinated with her body, we tried more things, my favorite of which was to watch her peeing into the toilet while I sniffed her panties and masturbated. It was such a turn-on seeing first hand what all the girls at my school did in there. I also enjoyed having her masturbate me with her warm panties while I fingered her pussy.

We started dating in eighth grade and eventually lost our virginity to each other. We stayed together until we went to different colleges and things didn't really work out, but I think about her daily. We are still in touch so who knows.



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