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Female Friend Lets Me Masturbate In Front Of Her

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How getting caught masturbating turned into a release of my fetish for exhibition with a female friend allowing me to do it in front of her whenever we catch up.

My partner and I have some good friends we always hang out with, in fact our kids hang out together too.


We all became really close over the years but eventually we moved to another state, but I still had some freelance work at our old location, so our friends would let me stay with them.


One night the three of us got incredibly drunk and they went upstairs to have sex. I could hear them and it was turning me on, so I proceeded to jerk off downstairs on the couch.


Some time later I heard an 'hmm hmm' and turned to see my female friend on the stairs watching me pound my meat.



I quickly pulled up my pants, but she came over and we talked for a while. She did ask why I hadn't heard her coming and I told her I was in my own world.



Even though I was very apologetic she told me that she wouldn't be sitting right next to me n the couch if she had a problems with it. After that I was very tempted to pick up where I left off but I didn't have the courage.



Life moved on and it became a funny story between us.



A couple of years later she was having problems with her partner and we caught up for a night out on the town so that she could let her hair down.



It was a big night of drinking and mucking around!



We were playing pool and as the drinks kept flowing we got a little handsy with each other. She had grabbed my groin at one point and I had felt her tits.



During the many games of pool we were making stupid bets until I proclaimed that whoever lost this game would have to flash.



Luckily, I won!



As we walked back to her hotel, I reminded her of the bet. To my surprise she lifted her top and flashed the cars driving by.



I loved it.



Somehow, I got her to do it a few more times.



As we continued to walk back to the hotel, she revealed to me she had actually stood on the stairs watching me jerk off all those months ago for some time before she made her presence known. She said she was enjoying the show.



As we kept talking, I was getting very turned on and we continued talking about masturbation.



When we got to her hotel I said we should just masturbate in front of each other, but she was too shy to do that. Anyway, she went to the bathroom for an incredibly long time, leaving me out on the balcony.



I thought 'fuck it' and proceeded to drop my pants and stroke out on the balcony.



When I heard her coming back I quickly pulled up my pants.



As she opened the sliding door she said "I half expected you to be jerking off and I was going to put your dick in my mouth".



You can imagine how pissed off I was knowing I had missed that opportunity.



But I did push further and confirmed she wouldn't have a problem if I jerked off in front of her. She told me it wouldn't bother her at all so I pulled my pants down again and picked up where I left off.



As she smoked her cigarette, we talked and I masturbated.



I wanted her to look right at me, but she was only stealing glances.  I don't know if she felt she shouldn't be watching (even though that's exactly what I wanted) or she was just shy.



Then I found out she had been masturbating in the bathroom, which is why she was in there so long.



I really wanted her to join me but she wasn't comfortable enough.



Eventually, it got to the point where I had to finish and go, but not before we had a quick make-out session and I got to feel those boobs.



Months passed by and we talked like we always did, our friendship hadn't changed.



Eventually I was coming back for work and she decided to come and spend the night at my hotel as I had two bedrooms.



Over dinner we had great conversation and it was just like old times. I asked her "So, are we now friends who masturbate in front of each other?" and she told me "Yes".



I couldn't wait to get back to the hotel room.



When we did, we continued drinking and talking and eventually I, with her permission, took my dick out and stroked it.



It felt like the most natural thing in the world.



There I was sitting in this hotel with one of my best friends, openly masturbating in front of her.



At the end of the night we went to our separate bedrooms. Yes, I jerked off again in bed numerous times (with the door open).



In the morning she offered me a tea and while she made it I started jerking off again in bed.



When she came in she was a little startled but put the tea down next to me and said "that's for when you're finished".



How awesome is that.



Since then there's been plenty of masturbation in front of her, but she has never felt comfortable enough to do it in front of me.



I hope that changes soon.







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