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Fantastic Plastic

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This is part one, just the first time I did this.


We'd found her one night laying naked on the pavement by a dumpster in back of a clothing store that had gone out of business in a dying strip mall down the state highway from school. It was early November and so cold and wet, the road was slick with forming ice when we saw her there almost hidden by the pile of trash we damned near wrecked the car in our surprise and then haste to act. In the dark we didn't know if we'd found a body or some poor woman still alive and slowly walked over to her and were only feet away when we realized what had happened to her.

'She' was, of course, a mannequin, still wearing a wig, that had been left behind. In the dark and the rain from a moving car no one could have told the difference from any distance. We got a good laugh out of it. Perhaps one of the store workers thought they'd give the trash guys a surprise when they made their rounds in the early morning before dawn. We'd all thought we'd be calling the cops and the paramedics. As it happened, we of course, took her with us.

She did look great standing by the bar in the living room of our suite. We wanted to dress her in lingerie, but being guys, didn't have any, and certainly weren't going to ask any of our female friends for some. As it turned out, we got enough unhappy comments from several women as it was when we had her dressed in nothing but a pair of sweat pants and a college logo t-shirt. None of us could see what the big deal was. Other than that she was really pretty. And had a great figure.

She'd been there a couple of weeks before I came back from class one day and got a Coke from the fridge behind the bar. M_____ (of course we named her) was standing there and I was gazing at her critically. She really was pretty. Non I realize it was a very high-end and probably expensive mannequin. Like the ones you see it Victoria's Secret or something. Not one of those white headless things you see everywhere now. She had natural skin tone, makeup, nail polish, the whole works. Dark brown wig, and as I said, a really pretty face. So you can probably see where this is leading...

There was no one else around and I went over to her and gently ran my hands over her body, first outside her clothes, then quickly up under her shirt. She was of course hard and smooth, but had the shape of a woman. I gently felt her breasts, then her nipples. I was starting to get hard before I leaned forward and started to kiss her. That felt funny, but I got turned on doing it. My hands moved down into her sweatpants cupping her ass then pushing the sweats down. I pressed against her belly. Her legs were slightly parted one crossed in front of the other (I've never seen anyone standing this way, but I guess it's a pose that shows of dresses or something well) and I quickly unzipped and pulled myself out. Spitting into my hand I slicked myself up then lifted her t-shirt slightly and pushed myself into the little cleft between the top of her thighs and the slight rounded mound that served as her pubis. It was tight but I was wet enough that I could move. I had one arm around her back and the other holding her ass and I started to 'fuck' her. This felt really good and it was just so different masturbating, cause that's of course what it was, like this...I'd never done anything like it before, obviously. I looked at her face as I moved back and forth between her legs and began kissing her face again and then her neck as I pumped faster and faster. I was surprised I got so into it, and was really excited by my little discovery. I only had a little bit of saliva for lube and it started to get a little harder to slip in and out between her legs and I hoped I could finish before it got too sticky to slide so I went even faster and clutched her harder to keep us both from falling over. As I feared I started to lose the lube effect before long and I did just about get stuck before I'd finished but the extra friction actually got me to cum sooner and I nuzzled her neck and shoulder as I started cumming. I was still between her legs which felt like they were grabbing me now that my spit had lost most of its slipperyness and I was even harder and more swollen then I was when I'd started. I tried pushing in and out as I came but I could barely move it was so tight...but trying felt great! So I stood there, stuck, and just came. After I finished I started to get soft and I pulled out from between her thighs and thought of how great it was going to be being able to do this anytime I wanted. I'd ended up ejaculating all over our carpet and onto the back of the sweats she'd been wearing. I then rushed to get her and the floor all cleaned up and had only been finished a few minutes before one of my roommates came home.



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