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This happened with Marylin, after we had been masturbating with each other for awhile. She came over to my house when everyone was away and went into my bedroom. I was jerking off to some pictures of a woman down the street that her husband had given me so he could watch me masturbate.
He liked young boys like me, 9 years old. He made me jerk off in front of him before he would give me the pictures. When Marylin saw me she got mad and made me got to their house. She showed Ms Adams the photos and told her that I was masturbating while looking at them. Sandy, (Ms Adams)was surprised, and said she was going to tell my Mother. I begged her not to, said I would do anything. She paused, looked at me, and said Okay. Marylin was surprised, But Sandy told her to watch. Sandy looked at me and ordered me "Take off your pants". I stood there in shock, she said "You looked at me naked; now it is my turn!! Take off your clothes BOY!!" Then she said "Okay, I'll call your Mother!". I quit standing there and told OKAY! then pulled off my "T" shirt. She said, "now your shorts". I paused, she reached for the phone, and I cried out "OKAY" then, in front of her and Marylin I stripped naked. She was 36, Marylin was 17, I was 9. It was real embarrassing at first but then I got excited by their looking at me as my little penis got hard. I am still not especially endowed, and then it was only about 4". Sandy told me to go into the living room and both of them sat on the sofa. She pulled me down between them and told me to masturbate. I tried, but they both had their clothes on and I was naked; I felt strange. Sandy stood up and stripped, then she told Marylin to also. With both of them naked I started to jerk off, but I couldn't cum with them just sitting there watching. Sandy seemed to know what to do, she spread her legs and shoved her fingers into herself, masturbating herself. That was all it took; I CAM on her leg, she jerked hard up into herself and had an orgasm. Marylin played with her tits and watched until Sandy reached across me and put her hand between Marylin's legs and put her fingers up her cunt, pumping her hard. Marylin fell back against the sofa, her hips jerked up several times then she cried out loudly holding her hips up and clapping her legs together onto Sandy's hand. She dropped back down onto the sofa and curled up against me grabbing Sandy's arm and holding it against her cunt. We sat there for a while, then Sandy pulled her hand out from between Marylin's legs, scooped up my cum from her leg and put it in her mouth. Marylin said"UUWWW, that is sperm", Sandy told her that little boy sperm tasted so sweet compared to a man's cum, she did not want to miss this oportunity to have it. Marylin sat up and asked "Really?" Sandy said "Yes, taste it". Marylin wrapped her hand around my shrunken little penis, pulled it like she was milking a cow, and I spurted another gob of cum out for her. She put it to her lips and hummed "MMM, that is the first sperm I have tasted, is it better than a Man's?" Sandy told it was and said, here I will give you some more. She spread her legs wide apart, told me to get up and stand in front of her. I did. As I looked into her cunt hole she grabbed my hips and pulled me to her guiding my semi hard little cock right into herself. She wrapped her legs around me and puled my hips into her cunt. She used me like a dildo, shoving my hips forward and back. Her pusy started to make slurping sounds as I got ROCK hard and fell weakly against her. I sucked on her nipples, and saw Marylin jerking her hand around in between her legs, then I had a tremendous orgasm, slamming myself forward hard into Sandy's cunt hole feeling my cock tip sink into her as I spurted cum load after cum load into her. When I finally collapsed to the floor in front of he she shoved her fingers up into her hole, scooped out some of my cum, and pushed her fingers into Marylin's mouth. Marylin gagged first, but then jerked her hand around on her pussy real fast and hard; then cam in jerking spasms while sucking on Sandy's hand. I sat there on the floor, spent, thinking "OOOHHH WWWOOOWW, this is SSSOOO HHOOTT"

I still masturbate dreaming of watching Marylin jerking and cumming and sucking my sperm with Sandy's cumm juice off of Sandy's fingers.



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