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Evening Get-togethers

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Wanking with other guys, and now with girls too. n


I can't recall when I started masturbating; I expect when I was 12 or 13, but it is something I've enjoyed pretty much ever since. In my early teens I had a few experiences with other boys, mostly just wanking ourselves whilst looking at porn, but also a couple of times where we did it to each other. I confess that this latter activity was something I enjoyed but not to the extent that it took me down the 'gay' route in life! Lol.

However, as I grew older I found myself occasionally reminiscing about those activities and in doing so found that the memories aroused me. I started to wonder if it would be something I'd like to try again, that is wank with another guy.

A couple of years ago I moved to the south coast of England (Ringwood, on the edge of the New Forest) and soon found myself at ease with residents, workers and the 'regulars' in my local pub. One evening I was chatting with one of the regulars in the pub and the conversation had turned to sex. Somehow we got talking about our own sexual adventures and foolishly, having had a beer or two too many, I recounted my teenage experiences with other boys and (wait for it....!) admitted it was something I still occasionally thought about.

Having sobered up the next day, I recalled the gist of what I'd said; maybe not the detail, but enough to feel very much ill at ease and considerably embarrassed. But this was nothing to how I felt when, a few days later the same guy asked if I'd like to go along to a 'stag' evening with him and a couple of his friends at his house to watch porn and have a few drinks. After some hedging on my part, and some encouragement on his, I agreed - albeit somewhat reluctantly.

When I arrived at his house, I found my 'friend' and two other guys, one in his mid 20s, the other 32(ish) whilst my 'friend and I are both in our 40s. We sat chatting and drinking and I soon learnt that this was a sort of regular meet for these guys. And as such had a kind of procedure and protocol. After a few drinks, we each took turns to visit the bathroom and strip down to our pants (boxers were mandatory apparently and luckily that's what I was wearing!). Then, lights already dimmed, we sat/lounged around drinking and chatting with some porn on the dvd.

Pretty soon erections were evident under the boxers, and after a while one of the guys got his cock out and started slowly wanking. Having set the pace, the others followed suit in their own time (me last! Lol) I felt a bit uncomfortable at first, a little embarrassed and nervous but slowly that feeling subsided as the others started to get more into what they were doing. For a while, everyone played with themselves, but then my 'friend' and one of the other guys started wanking each other and the younger guy asked me if I'd do that to him. He sat right on the edge of the chair, his legs apart and outstretched whilst I knelt on the floor between his legs and wanked him. His cock wasn't that long, but was very thick and made me feel a bit inadequate down there!

I wanked him to completion, and let the other guy do that for me too. All in all it was very civilised and rather horny! And, to my surprise, I was invited to become a regular member of their little group.

But the best, and most surprising aspect was yet to come. At a future meeting held at one of the other guy's houses, I discovered that his female partner often attended! Sometimes with her (female) friend. On those occasions, she would provide snacks for us to nibble and pour drinks etc. The golden rule was that she (or her friend when she attended) was not to be touched in any way (sexually I mean). I've attended seven meetings so far where she has been present incl three where her friend has been there too. She's flashed her boobs, shown her virtually see-through knickers and even on one occasion 'lent a hand' (sadly not for me though). Memorably, her friend played with herself under her clothing as she watched us on one of her visits, and reached an orgasm pretty quickly and somewhat loudly and very much to her embarrassment afterwards.

We now meet once a month, there are now six of us guys though not everyone can make every meeting and we have just managed to get a third female to agree to come along on odd occasions when she feels the need. It's great!



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