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Educating a young teen

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I've taken to being by myself. After a much needed fuck from Chris, and a totally unexpected fingering of his girlfriend, I've realised that I don't want to go back into full slut mode......well.....not for a while. So it's been plain old boring masturbation in bed, or maybe in the woods, or my little hay loft. And it was in this loft that I took shelter from a really savage rainstorm.


In this old 12th century flint built barn hat has withstood the weather of the centuries, there is a very comforting feeling. Dad usually puts a couple of hay bales in there, although they are at ground leve, and my special area,is clean, well swept and always welcoming when I'm feeeling horny. 

The skies looked heavy and leaden and I had to make a run for it when the heavens just opened. For a while, I took up there looking at the lightning and the rain as it swept across the fields. These storms are dangerous for crops if they last too long. The wheat gets flattened and then it mildews. 

Anyway, my top was damp, but that wasn't the only place I was damp. Clearly I was going to be stuck there for a while so, hey, what's a girl to do? 

I took my top off, then my skirt then my panties. I love being naked up there. I can clearly see the ground floor level from the hay loft, and this time I felt like I wanted to lean my back against the sharp flint. I love how the feeling changes. When I'm close to cumming, the sharpness turns into erotic stimulus, and I find if I wiggle my back it really helps the orgasm along. 

In my mind, I was imagining that I was a milkmaid back in the 12th century. My strict parents wouldn't let me have a gentleman suitor, so I would come here to relieve myself. I stood there, deep in my fantasy, enjoying the sparse growth of hair that now surrounds my quim. If you look at my quim right now I look like I'm about 13. Even that helps because back in the 12th centurry, girls were often married by that age. I was pinching my nipple and fingering myself, standing up, legs apart and slightly bent at the knees, pressing my back hard against the wall eyes closed. 

That's when I hear a sound. For a few seconds I ignored it, but when I heard a sharp intake of breath I opened my eyes, and looked straight into the eyes of a young girl...about 14 I would say... no older. She was absolutely soaked to the skin having been caught in the downpour. There are lots of publi ,footpaths across our farm and that's what makes masturbating outdoors here all the more horny.

Me? I had no intention of stopping I was far too close for that. Instead. Just looked straight into her eyes and carried,on. She, in turn looked at my hand between my legs, my other hand pinching a nipple and teasing my piercing, and my face.

I always delay my cums. I get almost to the point (and it shows) then I back off, then build again. Each time I got to the point, her mouth formed a perfect '0' and her eyes widened. I edged myself for quite a few minutes before I said "I can't hold it back much longer." She replied "go,for it!" In a very husky voice. 

For a nanosecond, I wondered what was going on in her knickers right now and that tipped me over. I came hard and pressed my back hard into the wall. I also squirted as I knew I would.

She watched me cum and watched me relax down afterwards. Then she mumbled an apology for disturbing me. I told her it was cool, and that I like being watched. She had sat down on a straw bale with her feet up which allowed me to see th large wet patch between her legs. 

I asked f she'd ever seen a girl cum before and she shook her head. I also asked if she.......To which she blushed and said "sometimes."

I could see her nipples up hard against her dress and decided that I would leave her to it. I,got,dressed, climbs down from the hay loft and said, "well, the rains stopped. I'll see you around." 

I left her in there and walked back,to the house. About 20 minutes later, I saw,from my bedroom window her leaving the barn. 

I bet that was a nice 20 minutes! 



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