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Edging and Control in 3 Parts - Part 1

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It's been a while since I posted a story, and thought I'd share some of the more fun things I've experienced lately. I've been delving deeper and deeper into being edged and edging my lover.  We've been experimenting more and more with taking and giving up control.  Part 1 and 2 will be about how we edge each other. Part 3 will be a more recent fantasy of mine.


It always starts with something innocent: a look, a soft embrace, a giggle.  But it quickly turns into incredible ecstasy.

We've been experimenting with soft restraints; her hands tied above her head and her ankles tethered to the lower corners of the footboard.  I tie a silk handkerchief over her eyes so as to remove one sensory experience to enhance another.  I'll sit at the edge of the bed, admiring her petite frame, making her wait and anticipate what's to come.  I start with gentle kisses, beginning at her lips and traveling down her neck and chest.  Goosebumps form up and down her skin as I make my way between her breasts and down towards her navel.  My hands drift up and down the inside of her thighs, barely touching her skin.  I move further and further down her body, my lips softly press down her pubic bone, the crease of her thigh, and the inside of her left leg.  I hesitate only to take a long inhale, smelling the sweetness of her sex. It makes my cock harden.  She squirms against the restraints as I purposefully avoid her slit, just getting close enough to heighten her anticipation.

Suddenly I stop and grab the silicone rabbit vibrator.  With a click, I turn it to the lightest setting and press it against her lips.  Her body shudders and twitches at the vibrations, her breathing beginning to speed up ever so slightly. I trace the tip of the vibrator along the curve of her lips before sliding it down her chin and neck, letting it rest for a moment between her breasts.  I put my index finger to her lips and dutifully she sucks it into her mouth, letting her tongue swirl around it.  I trace the vibrator around the contours of her breasts, making her nipples harden.  She lets out a soft moan as I press the tip against her right nipple.  She arches her back slightly, pressing her breast harder against the vibrator.  With my other hand, I cup her left breast and begin to caress it.  Her breathing gets heavier.

"How wet are you for me," I ask.
"So wet," she responds with a slight tremble in her soft voice.

I slide my hand down her stomach and cup her mound in my hand.  I gently part her lips with my index finger, still wet with her saliva, and slide it up and down to her slit.  Her clit is starting to swell and her juices coat my finger; I bring it back up to her lips so she can taste her sweetness.  She moans more as I coat her lips in her own juices.

I playfully let the vibrator glide over her skin, tracing all over her stomach, and down to her pelvis.  She squirms against the mattress, the vibrations ever so close to her pussy. I keep torturing her, letting the anticipation build and build.  I lean in and start to kiss, lick, and suck on her neck.  It is one of her big turn-ons and she moans and squirms more and more with each press of my lips.  I move further down her neck, down to her chest, until I can plant small kisses against her left nipple.  I trace the vibrator up and down the inside of her thigh and suck her nipple into my mouth gently.  She groans, arching her back off the mattress, exasperated, yearning for more.

My tongue flicks and flutters over her nipple.  Moans escape my own lips as I am just as turned on as she is. I am teasing myself as much as I tease her; my cock throbbing, precum dripping.  I suck her nipple in hard, and give a gentle bite, causing her to let out a loud gasp.  "Please," she begins to beg. I suddenly stop, leaving her in total silence for a moment.

There is an audible “click” as I turn the vibrator to the next setting, and slide the length of it up and down her slit.  She practically screams as it hits her.  She begins to pant, back arching from the bed as I leave the shaft of the vibrator nestled between her pussy lips.  With one hand, I hold the vibrator tight to her pussy, and the other massages and caresses her left breast, pausing every so often to pinch, flick, and roll her nipple in my fingers.  I begin sliding the length of the vibrator up and down the length of her slit, making sure it grinds lightly against her clit.  She begins to chant, "Oh, Oh, Oh," over and over again.  Sensing she is close, I pull the vibrator from her pussy and begin running it up and down the inside of her thigh again.  She cries out and convulses in the bed for a moment before calming.  I caress her stomach as her breathing slows back to normal.

When I suspect she's far enough away from the edge, I begin to trace her outer labia with the tip of the vibrator.  She struggles against the restraints as the vibrator navigates her delicate folds.  I slide it up to the top of her hood and then run it up and down, stopping just above her clit.  She moans uncontrollably.  The quicker her breathing gets, the slower I move the tip of the rabbit.  Not long after does her breathing get heavier and heavier, so I slide the vibrator down from her hood and press it against her opening.  She lets out another exasperated grunt as I slowly press the shaft into her opening. I twist it clockwise, then counterclockwise, over and over again, letting the vibrator barely penetrating her.  "How badly do you wanna cum," I ask. "Oh god, I wanna cum,” she begs. “Please make me cum."

“Not just yet,” I think to myself as I slide the vibrator deeper into her.  For the moment, I make sure the clit stimulator doesn't find its target as I slowly thrust the vibrator in and out of her, twisting it back and forth with each direction change.  She pants and grunts as the vibrator hits her g-spot.  Another audible “click,” as I turn the vibrator to the highest setting. This causes her to cry out.  I hold it against her g-spot, but continue to neglect her clit.  A wet spot is growing on the sheets underneath her.  My own cock throbs harder and harder.  Pleasing her, teasing her, watching her naked body writhe is the sexiest thing I can experience.

Her breathing is getting heavy and fast. I slowly pull the vibrator from her, causing her to cry out in frustration again.  She struggles against the restraints as I let her cool down again.  I kiss up and down the inside of her thighs.  She bucks her body off the mattress, almost trying to force herself closer to my face, to get me to please her, to finish her.  As she flops back to the mattress, her breathing getting slower, I lean in and let my tongue drag over her clit.  She lets out a desperate moan as I lick her clit.  Long, soft, slow strokes with my tongue, sliding from just under her clit to the top of her hood.  Over and over, giving 2 or 3 seconds lapse in between, keeping her on edge.  After a few minutes, I find that I must hold her body down as she struggles and bucks against the restraints.  Unable to take anymore, she begins to pant and beg, "Please, please, please, please!" 

Knowing she can't take any more, I slide the rabbit deep in her, making sure it grinds her g-spot on the highest setting. Then I suck her entire hood into my mouth and begin to furiously lick her clit.  My tongue flicks and flutters, circling and swirling around her clit until she orgasms.  Her body convulses and she screams out as she cums, her juices flowing down my chin.  Sometimes she cums more than once in succession; I always keep pleasuring her until she begs me to stop.  I caress her legs and stomach as she comes down from her orgasm.  Small post-orgasm shocks run through her body and her breathing slowly returns to normal. Usually it becomes my turn, but sometimes I'll keep pleasuring her.  As soon as she calms, her body spent, I'll slide the vibrator back into her and turn it to the highest setting. I let the rabbit do what it does best; the tip grinding her g-spot and the clit stimulator pressed up against her throbbing clit.

I'll let her lay there, writhing in ecstasy, moaning and grunting as the pleasure becomes almost unbearable.  I'll lean in to kiss and suck her nipples.  Other times, I'll slide out the vibrator and let my tongue explore her ass, getting her tight hole ready for the rabbit.  I'll then slide it into her ass and let my tongue flick and flutter over her clit, and dive deep into her opening.  She'll cum over and over, until she begs and pleads for it to stop, until she tells me she can't take it any longer.  

And then, she'll exact her revenge.



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