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Early Years Continued

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I am writing this history so that other younger people who read the site and not so younger ones will realise that experiences in early life are not going to mar them for life and that a lot of us old respectable people did it and are still doing it.


In my previous early years I described how I learned from my mother and my older sister about the joys and fun of masturbation and that my younger sister was also told these facts by our mother.
Following this although not immediately as I recall my younger sister and I set about the exploration of mutual fun and enjoyment.
This must have been when I was about eleven years old and she would be about eight. I was still in short trousers as was the fashion then and she was always in dresses. By this time I had perfected the art of rubbing myself up the leg of my shorts to get that intense pleasure that one gets before one starts to ejaculate (which I didn't do untill I was about thirteen). At some point my younger sister had watched me do this and we obviously discussed it for she wasn't shocked or distressed when I suggested she join me.
I remember one miserable rainy day when perhaps I had nothing else to do I was sat on the sofa with my hand up my shorts playing with my penis when she sat on a foot stool in front of me pulled her knickers to one side and started to finger herself.This became a regular practice with her sitting without knickers and me with my penis exposed (the thought of which still excites me to this day). Once or twice we were disturbed by our mother whose only advice was 'don't let father catch you' and we were left in peace to carry on what became long languid pleasurable session.
I also have memories of watching her bathe when she was starting to develop breasts and sliding a soapy hand over them.
These sessions lasted untill I was about fourteen years of age although their regularity was punctured by me going away to boarding school. We made up for it in the school holidays.
When I eventually started to ejaculate my sister found this even more exciting and used to encourage me (as she put it) to make cream.
Over the three years or so that we were involved with each other our sessions became more intense and lasted for long periods of time she becoming multi-orgasmic by the age of nine or ten.
Our sessions eventually slowly came to a halt when we both developed different groups of friends and she went off to school. At the peak of our sexual activity we must have been having four or five mutual sessions a week and we were still masturbating on a daily basis by ourselves usually in bed at night.
Our last involvement sexually with each other was the Christmas time of the year I was seventeen and for some reason we ended up with no parties to go to one night.
Our parents had gone to a relative's and we were left to our own devices for several hours. Our conversation turned to comparing sexual activity and I had an obvious erection which she commented on and asked to see. Whilst I was in the process of taking my penis out of my trousers she took off her panties and started to stroke herself whilst I did the same.
Many times we speak on the telephone about masturbation which we both still practice and both admit to masturbating to the memories of those days.



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