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Early Days

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Basically this is how my love for public nudity (and Vicky) started. I went to a well off uniform school in Ireland, and I loved just being a slut


It was a warm April day, and I woke up, a little wet between my legs. I had no time to do anything about it, because I had to go to school soon. So as I was getting dressed, I opened my drawer to see, there were no bra's there. They were all in the wash. I looked through my hamper to see if there were any old dirty ones I could use, but no luck. I thought of asking my mum could I borrow hers. But she was 36D and I was only a 32aa (small I know, I like them perky though). I guess I was going to have to go to school without it. So I put on my shirt and looked in the mirror. You could easily see my round little nipples pointing at the material. Suddenly I was wet again. I knew that this was going to be a good day. So I put my jumper on so my brothers Sam and Ryan didn't see my boobs and so that my mum wouldn't catch me. But when I got to school, I thought about wussing out. I was so afraid a boy would take a picture, or girls would laugh at me. But that made me more and more wet.

So anyway I went to the bathroom and psyced myself up before taking my jumper off. They were stiff now. My clit was throbbing, and I thought about rubbing one off right there. But then my best friend (We'll call her Vicky C) walked in.

Now I will admit, I really wanted to be Vicky C. She had the perfect body. Incredible bum. 34C's. Naturally tan. And she had a voice like an angel. She had a record deal with a local recording studio. All the boys loved her (in fact I've heard a couple admit to wanking over her Facebook pictures).

'hey Rachel' she said. She started putting on make-up (which was against school rules)

'hi Vick' I didn't want the conversation to carry on in case she tried to talk me out of my idea.

'Rachel, you do know you can see your tits through your shirt'

I thought of playing dumb, but then I'd have to chicken out so

'I know, I like it like that'

She was gobsmacked. She stared at my chest for a minute and then said 'You are so dirty Rachel. Can I do it too?'

I was so surprised. My clit felt like it was about to explode from the thought of seeing her breasts.

'sure if you want' I shyly replied.

Next thing I know she's taken her shirt and her t shirt off. The girl I had a slight crush on was standing in her bra in front of me. My god they were big. I felt a gush of water and thought it would run down my leg. Next minute it was off. I nearly exploded. She put her bra in her bag, along with the t-shirt and pinched her nipples to make them hard.

'let's go get some boys HORNY' she grinned. I happily agreed.

All day the looks we got were phenomenal. I was so close to gushing myself. Vicky whispered in my ear that she was horny, and that she was going to the bathroom 'do you wanna come with me?' she asked coyly.

Of course I did. We ran to the bathrooms and ran into a stall. I locked the door and when I turned around, Vicky was completely naked. My clit did a somersault. I took off my shirt and we rubbed our bumps together. She reached down and took off my skirt and panties. I was left in my knee high socks and my shoes. So was Vicky.

I opened my mouth to ask her what she wanted to do, but she put her finger on my lip and said 'follow me, I've been waiting for this for years'

She slid her hand around my body, smacking my ass and tweaking my nipples, all while she was kissing me passionately with tongue. I felt her thigh against my mound and I swore I was about to cum. She looked at me and shook her head. She got on her knees and opened the lips of my shaved pussy wide. I was a virgin, and still very tight. I lost my hymen months ago playing truth or dare (might post about that later).

She traced a circle of my clit with one finger and the other she traced a circle of my nipple. I was about to cum and I knew it would be powerful. As I was about to warn her, she plunged two fingers deep inside me and I squirted.

It hit her face and ran down on to her tits. I nearly screamed but knew I couldn't. She stood up and started to lick my cum from her lips. I licked the rest off.

She told me she wanted hers to build up more, so she wanted to wait a while. So what she did next was so horny. She picked up our panties (she had a sexy lacy La Senza one, while I was wearing cotton Red ones with a sequined flower on the side) and threw them into the toilet.

'now' she said 'you can either fish them out, or we can go around without them or Bra's for the rest of the day. Which one?'

The choice was obvious, but before I could reply she added in one loophole. 'we both have to show a boy our pussies by the end of the day.'

Vicky and I became even closer, and she even came on my family holiday with us. Just me, Vicky, Sam, and his friend Alex were sharing a villa beside our parents in Portugal. The stuff we got up too. Tell you about it next time. I have to go rub off before my mom gets home. My brother is upstairs, I don't think he'll mine.

I hope my experiences made you squirt too.

Happy jilling xxx



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