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Driving Along the Coast

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Another KGB story of erotic recollections while driving. This is a collective memory of the times I drove up the California coast by myself in my 20ís combined with my thoughts of life, love, and sexuality thus far as a woman in her 40ís. 


As I drove along the coast, I took in the beauty of the world around me. I began to think of that which makes me happy: sharing a conversation with a special friend, tasting the robust flavors of a toffee coffee chocolate while sipping a doppio espresso macchiato, watching a bird drink from a puddle, a soft kiss, a warm hug, a good and trusted friendís company. These are a few of a long list of things that bring me joy.

I love the ocean. Watching the waves crash into the rocky shoreline fills my soul. For me, the waves represent the constant movement of life. Circling around the world, the tides and currents find their flow through deep ocean canyons, lengthy channels, solid ice bergs, and somehow always finding a route to continue on.

Love, to me is like an ocean. Sometimes the tides take you through lonely waters where you must be strong enough to withstand the solitude, brave the rough seas, and find a place to grow and heal. Other times, the tides take you to the paradise that has awaited you for nearly half your lifetime. In that paradise, everything finally comes together and makes sense. Your path becomes clearer than before. It is beautiful, relaxing, and it feels warm. It brings great joy. There are reminders of leaving behind that which holds you back from finding your true joy.

These visions filled my mind as my thoughts continued to expand and shift to other subjects of life. I would have conversations with myself about random things. I would wonder about things like how it must have been in 1862 living on the prairie in the Midwest.  Or wonder what it was like to have been a pirateís woman living on a ship and sailing the high seas. Or I would have thoughts of the young dreams of fellow countrymen and how they found a new life from where their journeys began. I would imagine how thrilling, yet dangerous, it would be to live amongst the wolves while photographing them. Often, my thoughts would also drift to the erotic. 

The growing sensations of desire remind me that I am a healthy, sexual living breathing woman with urges and needs to fulfill; a reminder that I am alive. I find a connection between my heart, my soul, my head, and that which lives between my legs. They all collectively go hand in hand and, as I imagine erotic encounters, I become filled with raw innate desires.

Fresh misty air rushes through my hair and refreshes my senses. My eyes are wild with passionate desire. I think, not of anyone in particular, only of a vision of intimacy between two lovers; possibly my future lover and myself. The give and take of pleasures, kisses, touches, soft words, kind thoughts, and gasping breaths. With each breath, the two grow closer in spirit. Two souls begin to intertwine and become a mixture of each other. 

I begin to imagine my imaginary lover exploring my mind with words that create an erotic sensation that begins in my head. The vibration in his voice rings in my ear sending chills down my spine. I begin to feel throbbing between my legs within the swells of my vagina. The wetness expressing from my womanhood begins to prepare my body for a sexual rendezvous. I can feel his love and lust for me, it touches my soul. My heart thumps faster and deeper, waking up my core. He moves me. I move him. 

My thoughts continue to drive me along the highway as I continue my journey. Half Moon Bay is my next stop, a small cute town south of San Francisco, CA. I had the best breakfast there on one of my road trips. The view of the ocean seduced me and the air continued to renew my senses and spirit. Upon stopping I would walk around the immediate area and make small talk with random people; something I like to do when I take my solo journeys and wander around. As I make my way for the car to forge onward to my destination, my thoughts begin to drift back to my imaginary lover and I.

I imagine his hardness. How I love to handle a man with my hands, my words, my passion, and my pussy. I love to lead him into my world where we both fall into my deep well of passion. I fall deeper into desire as I embrace his manhood, feeling the tactile of the skin that holds his length: the texture, the veins, the strength of his cockís hard on, knowing it will enter me and later exploding all over me. His scent makes me crazy and knowing it will stay with me all day excites me. Knowing I am making him moan makes me insane with sexual desire. I love every stroke I deliver to him. I love licking him and grasping his girth. I like to swallow his cock as deep as I can into my mouth to produce saliva for his cock to have some form of lube as I stroke him. I practically gag myself on him to create an ample supply of saliva for his sensual arousal. The best part is when he starts to shake as I bring him closer to orgasmic release. 

Night begins to fall as I cruise along the highway and into the dusk. Tall trees line the road giving my eyes pleasure. With my window down, I feel the coolness of the air breeze through my hair. I am wide awake and quite chipper. The cool air is not the only thing that has me alert. The pulsing between my legs is keeping my mind going. I realize I must find somewhere to pull over. There is a yearning between my legs that needs to be dealt with, and very soon. 

As I search for a turn off I am filled with raw sexual desire and I can feel the gush of my vagina with every second that passes. Shortly I find a spot and pull off and away from the road. I stayed in my driverís seat and sent my right hand down to my hungry pussy.

My pussy pulses like a rapid heartbeat now. Her desires are forming like thunderous clouds over a raging ocean, pressure building within her wells, as does the pressure build in the atmosphere, awaiting the release of the moisture drowning the ground below. Like a storm releases a down pour so will my gushing pussy. I canít help but touch myself, and feel the wet panties that cover me. I want to smell myself. I take off my panties as I drive and bring them to my face. I take in the soft scent of myself. How I love my smell.

I know I could orgasm quickly if I touched myself in the right way. Instead I tickle my belly, pretending it is my imaginary lover teasing me. I am smiling, panting, and waiting for my orgasm. My body canít take it any longer. I am on the verge of orgasm and I am not even touching my clit yet. I know this isn't going to take long so I let myself go; down went my fingers in search of my clit. Within seconds of touching it, I was trembling with an orgasm. I could feel my pussy twitching and my torso clenching. It was a very nice release and one I will never forget. 



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