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Driver's Mate

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This happened just last week.


Having read stories on this site I am so relieved that others have had similar experiences. Thank you Solo Touch.

I work with my brother as a delivery driver for a small UK company and on this occasion we got the opportunity to collect some electrical items in Frankfurt,Germany. Normally it would be my brother and me but because a lot of driving was involved the company told us another driver would have to go on the trip so that he could take over when my brother got tired. Mike who is 27 is bout 6ft tall with dark hair and eyes decided he would drive the first part of the route which left me sitting in the middle with my brother who is 39 sitting in the passenger seat. I am really close to my brother and although he is much older I see him as more of my best buddy than my older brother.

We share lots of sex stories about our girlfriends on the road as it helps to make the time go quicker and although I know that at times we make stuff up to impress each other talkin sex with him is never a problem. So about 6 hours in and Mike had pulled over and filled the transit up at an old European gas station. As he gets in he tells us that he hopes we wont carry on talking about sex as it's driving him crazy. My brother who likes an argument asks him why, to which Mike replies "Cause I aint had any since last night, and my nuts are killing me". My brother looked at me and laughed but I just felt embarrassed and we carried on with the journey until it got dark. We pulled over to a local truck stop where there was a cafe and decided that as we were not scheduled to pick up the goods till the morning we would have enough time to chill out and get some sleep.

About an hour before I was starting to wonder how the sleeping arrangements would be as it would be a bit tight fit for all three of us to sleep in the back without being very close to each other. Mike got out the transit and asked if we wanted to join him for something to eat. As we had already eaten a few hours prior me and my brother both said no, so Mike told us to set up our sleepin bags in the back while he had his meal. So in the back of the vechicle we unzipped all the sleepin bags to form a top sheet and with our jackets we made three separate pillows. Both me and my brother then started to undress down to our underwear and snuggled up underneath the sleepin bags. Being close to my brother I was lying on my side with my brother a hands-width behind me. I could feel his legs touching mine and his right arm was resting on near my hip. About an hour later we heard Mike open the back door of the transit to tell us that he hopes we don't mind, but can he bring the waitress in for a quick session. He told us that all of our talk about sex had made him really horny and that the only place for him to fuck her was in the van. I looked at my brother and he was smiling but didnt say anything, so I told him "i dont care". He then said we were to give him more room so to slide as far as we could near the front of the van but to hide ourselves. Me and my brother pushed ourselves up to a corner and were basically spooning each other just so that Mike could have sex with the waitress. Mike was about 10 mins before we heard him enter the van with what sounded like a very happy German waitress. I don't speak German but she was certainly laughing alot. Both me and my brother could not see a thing and guessed that they were just foolin around until we heard Mike unzip his trousers. Then the sounds turned to slurpin and I knew that she was giving him a blow job.

As I was facing away from my brother I didn't care that I was getting hard. My penis was pushing so hard at my briefs that I was sure it was going to push right through the fabric. The sounds turned to moans and the van started bouncing, to which we guessed they were having sex. Mike was really loud and his moans and grunting wanted to make me cum in my pants. It was when the girl started to moan and yell "oh baby" that I could feel something hard push against my butt. I nearly died as now my brother who was only in his white CK briefs was getting hard and pushing his throbbing dick against my butt. I was frozen and could not move and must have totally missed Mike and the Waitress leave the van. With that my brother pulled the covers off and asked me did I enjoy the show. I looked around to see the van empty and my brother laying next to me with a bulge in his pants. "God Jason" he said, I nearly came at the same time as Mike, im that horny!". I moved away from my brother a little and we put on the internal light. "Wow bro, I never seen you with a hard-on" he laughed as he tried to rearrange his hard-on so it would not notice. As I looked at my brother trying to tuck his erection underneath it was then that I noticed his wet patch on his briefs. "Looks like you nearly did" I replied. "Shit yeah, I'm leaking all over". After a few uncomfortable minutes he apologized for getting an erection near me and for accidentally pushing it against me but explained that he could not move as he would have frightened the waitress. "Bro" he asked, "I'm so horny, do you mind". giving a wanking gesture with his hand.

I hesitated a bit and he then said it again. I then took up the courage to say "Only if I can join u" to which we both started laughing. "Come here little bro" he said as he repositioned the sleeping bags. We both lay together still in our briefs gentle rubbing our hard dicks through the cotton. I couldn't take my eyes of my brother as he rubbed his shaft in motion with mine. Just then,as he slid his hand down his shaft, the head of his penis burst over the elastic waistband to reveal his purple head all wet with pre-cum. "No need for pants anymore" he said as he pulled down his briefs to reveal his throbbing dick which bounced up and down with his heartbeat. "Don't be shy" he said as I slowly pulled down my briefs. I didn't even noticed a long stream of pre-cum hanging from my cock until my brother mentioned it. He then told me to use it for lube and to really "go for it".

We were now both naked and rubbing away. My brother was now jerking his 8" shiny shaft with really hard motions. As he was wanking his heavy ball sack was swinging between his legs. We had somehow entwined our legs together and were jerking real hard until suddenly my brother grabbed both his cock and mine in his thick wide hands and started to jerk real hard. "Let me know when you gonna cum bro" he said panting. It felt so good I wanted it to last forever but knew that I was gonna cum any second. "Oh my god" I said "Im reaaaaal close" I moaned. "Me too bro" he said, but it was me who shoot first. Two long thick ropes of cum spurted out my shiny purple head and landed on my chest and brothers right arm. I continued to ooze out smaller amounts of cum to which my brother just continued jerkin my dick and rubbing my cum over his shaft. I was just catching my breath when I heard my bro moan "oh yeah, oh yeah, OHHHHHH yeah" as rope after rope shoot out of his dick hitting him on the chin, chest and mostly on his abs. What an experience. We continued to lay there for a few minutes until I realised that my brother still had both our dicks in his cum soaked hand. "Erm can I have my dick back" I joked as I moved away looking for a tissue. "I don't think we got any" he said pointing to Mikes sleepin bag. "If we wipe it on his bag, he will just think it was his cum from his session". We both laughed and pulled Mike's sleeping bag over to us. As we did we noticed that Mike already had loads of cum drops so we both said that he must have pulled out at the last moment. As we wiped our hands, from the corner of my eye I noticed that a single drop of cum was still on my brothers chin. I was just about to wipe it off with my finger when he opened his mouth and licked it up with his tongue. "I never waste any" he said as he smiled and asked me if I do the same. "Sometimes I said" but told him that I wont on this occasion as I don't know what's his cum and what's mine. "Don't matter" he said "were brothers" and with that he reached over to my dick and squeezed my shaft from the base up to the head, squeezing out the last drop of cum I had. "I'm not gay you know" he said as he licked my cum of his finger tip "I was married you know and had loads of girlfriend" he said as if to reassure me, but secretly I was loving every second.

We found our briefs and laid back down and eventually fell asleep. We picked up the items and drove back to England in near silence until we dropped Mike home. "Glad he came along" my brother said "Me too" I replied and then without thought I just said "Otherwise I would not have had that great wank" I felt totally sick as I said it and looked embarrassingly at my brother for his reaction. "Plenty more if you want bro, its only natural. Two good looking single guys. If no girls wanna wank us, we can just wank each other". I laughed and we drove me home. "See you tomorrow at work" he said as he drove off. A few hours later I was in the bath thinkin about this experience and thinkin that I must have been gay after liking my brother wanking me off so much when the phone rang. It was my brother calling me to see if I was alright and hoping that I wasn't regretting what happened. He asked me if I wanted to forget what happened if it made me feel better. I said "No" to which he said, "same time tomorrow then?". This experience is totally true and the following day we talked about mutual jerkin but decided that it wasn't the time or place. A few days later after work we were watchin TV at my flat when I took up the courage to ask for a repeat experience. We both jerked each other off again and now it feels really natural. I even get turned on by the thought of it now, and it really helped give me a good performance with my girlfriend last night. All the time I was pounding her pussy I was imagining it was my brothers hand. Every big brother should give a helping hand to his little bro!



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