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Dream Canyon the First Visits

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Like the other things I've seen and written about on this site about this canyon in Colorado, this is true---as I remember it. Don't know if there are things like this still going on down there---but Dream Canyon can be a dream for someone like me.


I still can't remember how I heard about Dream Canyon above Boulder, Colorado. My ears have always pricked up when I would hear people talking about hot springs and nude beaches and such. Years back in both Sycamore Canyon and Havasupai I ran into clothing optional experiences. In Sycamore, we hiked the canyon and found at least three couples in various stages of undress, enjoying the water and sun. In Havasupai, I ran into two naked girls swimming in the stream, accompanied by a guy from Romania. Nothing too far gone, but great viewing and a daytime return to my sleeping bag to "nap" (read that "jack off").

So, however I heard about it, on my first visit to Dream Canyon (alone) I knew that people supposedly took their clothes off to sunbathe in the nude and I had heard that it was, like many such places, a gay hang-out. That's never bothered me that much. I go because there could be tits and ass but I like to appreciate a well formed dong, too. My guess is that porno movies have helped a lot of guys be less self-conscious and more openly watch the male half of the equation. Besides, I had stumbled upon two guys jacking each other off while visiting the nude beach on Lake Tahoe and I was more agitated and turned-on by that voyeuristic experience (one of the guy's had jacked off onto the other guy's chest) than I was by the naked girls I had seen on the beach just a bit before.

Long introduction, but on my first visit I got out of my car around early afternoon and began to walk the trial to the canyon drop-off (not really knowing where I was going). The first people I saw was a young couple in their early twenties, arm in arm, heading back to their car clothed, of course. The girl was a knockout, and they were so clearly affectionate (and had no climbing gear Dream Canyon is also a climber's hang-out) that I just knew they must have been nude sunbathing (or more!). I literally started shaking as I thought, "Damn, if only I'd come here a couple of hours earlier." The images of their two bodies nude along the rocks and stream got me going in a big way.

I kept on the trail, thinking I'd see other couples. To make the first visit story short, I never did, even though I stayed for a few hours. I only saw guys that day. Most of the day I tried to figure out the difficult trial system to get to the bottom of the canyon, climbed around the rocks at the rim and generally didn't see much but a couple of old guys laying it all out. No thanks.

On the second visit I had my bearings better, got to the stream (god, what a beautiful retreat) and almost immediately saw three young guys laying out nude on the biggest rock slab in that part of the canyon. No girls at all, but I was agitated again, maybe because I had never taken my clothes off in the outdoors and just sunbathed where others (very few others) could see me. I picked a smaller rock that had a view of the three guys through the leaves, making me less obvious to them, but still allowing me to see.

Just getting nude was a turn on, and as I put suntan lotion on the most important areas, I was getting fairly hard. Then I noticed that there was movement on the rock, and through the trees I couldn't tell, but it sure looked like one of the guys was doing some mouth work on one of the others. I started shaking, got up off my rock and got closer, parting the leaves. I still couldn't tell for sure, but the third guy, who was tall and dark with a good all-over tan, appeared to be jacking the blonde smaller guy, but his head was concealed behind the body of the first another blonde, but younger and more athletic. I needed to get closer to tell, but would reveal my voyeuristic activities to them if I did.

However, I just had to see what was going on, so I stepped around the trail and came out in the open and they parted immediately. Neither the tall dark-haired guy or the smaller blonde tried to cover their rock hard cocks. I kept coming I don't know why, really, I'm not gay, but I wanted to see them do whatever it was they were doing. They said "hi" and I said "hi" and then I asked, "Could I watch you guys?" They looked at each other, the first guy shrugging his shoulders, not bothering to cover his huge hardon at all, "It's up to them." But the blonde with a full boner said, after a pause, "No, no thanks, I'm not comfortable with that. Sorry." The third, younger, blonde guy looked at me and smiled, though again, I'm not gay, but he couldn't have been more than 18 or 19 and had a swimmers body, glistening with suntan oil, an impressive slightly tumescent cock lolling between his legs. I just smiled back at him "OK," I said, and slowly went back to my rock.

But, I couldn't stand it and I knew they were now aware of me and it inhibited them. Two of them got up and moved a few feet off of and behind the large boulder they were sunbathing on. The third, I could tell, was posting watch. I knew the two behind the rock were doing something, and with my imagination going wild I began circling back and up the rocks above their area. Coming out of the trees some 200 feet above them, I could get a clear view (damn, why didn't I bring binoculars), even if it was a long distance view.

Sure enough, those two guys were having fun now out of sight from my old vantage point and must have thought they were no longer observable. The shorter of the two blonde guys was standing back against the rock face and the tall dark haired guy was on his knees in front of him, stroking the blonde's boner. I was partially hidden from the trees from them, so I risked anyone else seeing me, and dropped my shorts so I could handle my own hardening rod. I was turned on hugely don't know why had never thought I'd like voyeuring if girls were not involved. The kneeling guy now stood, and kept jacking off his friend, now playing with his chest and kissing him. From where I was I could even hear the moaning and see the guy's body begin to arch and spasm. "Oaaaaahhhhhhhh, god, uuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnn, aaaaaaarrrrrrrrhhhhhhhh." His friend increased his stroking tempo and the first started gushing and spurting huge streams of white jizz onto tall guy's legs, hands, and the rocks around.

They hugged and fondled each other for just a few minutes in the aftermath, but soon the blonde's cock was flagging, and he turned and went back to the rock what I realized was the "lookout rock." Within minutes the younger and taller of the blonde guys was making his way down the rocks to the waiting dark haired guy. They must take turns, I thought. Now that I've scared them into being more wary, they can't do it all on the open faced rock. They had to hide.

This time the tall dark haired guy stood back against the rockface, and the young blonde knelt in front of him. The dark haired guy's cock was still almost completely rigid with need, and the blonde took this swollen need in his mouth. The dark haired guy's head moved back and I heard a moan of pleasure. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." The young guy doing the pleasuring was good at his work, you could tell. I'd watched a lot of blow-jobs on porn videos although heterosexual ones and this guy knew his stuff. He would lick the sides of the guy's boner, and then take it all back in his mouth, sliding his lips up and down the massive shaft. Then, he turned the guy completely around and licked up and down the crack of his ass, leaving dark-haired guy to stroke himself off as his ass was licked. Dark hair must have gotten close, because he turned around, swollen huge, and placed his cock in the waiting lips of his friend. More moaning, now easy to hear. In just another minute the guy buckled, spasmed, jerked his head back and spasm-hosed the young blonde's mouth and face with more cum than I'd ever seen anyone shoot. The blonde brought up his right hand to control the spasming rod, stroking it and delivering even more cum over his face and shoulders. They stayed like that for several minutes, the blonde continuing to suck and lick his friend as his cock weakened and softened. The tall dark haired guy turned his head at one point and seemed to call to the rockface behind him.

I was still madly jacking off, still worried that I might be seen, but unable to control myself. The interplay below me was so compelling that, although I'd never done anything like it, I was greedily enjoying the tanned, muscular nude bodies as they gave each other pleasure. They so clearly loved their cocks and each other's cocks that it just seemed a somehow innocent pleasure in the warmth and breeze of this gorgeous canyon.

In another couple of minutes the third guy appeared the older (maybe 24) and shorter blonde guy appeared with a small towel, laughing slightly. The dark haired guy went back to the "lookout rock." And the new guy helped wipe the sopping cum off the young blonde's face and shoulders.

I knew it was time for the young, tall, athletic blonde to get his turn at being pleasured, and I just couldn't stand it any longer. Just imagining what was about to happen and seeing again what had just happened, I spasmed and shot a huge load of cum in front of me. I just couldn't wait. It felt so good out there in the breeze and beautiful warmth of the canyon, to bring myself to climax watching these gorgeous guys.

I had been right. It was time for the muscular young blonde. He was still only slightly tumescent as his older friend, still standing next to him, began to run his hands over the young man's chest and arms. I watched the blonde's lolling rod lengthen and bob, up and back, getting huger each bob, until it was almost at half mast long, thick, swollen, and still room for more.

The older guy I guess 24 isn't old, but then moved the kid around by his shoulders, and sort of cradled him in his arms. He reached down to the half-mast boner and touched and massaged it to full hardness. I think I head him say something like "see." Anyway, the tall blonde turned around to where I could get a better view of his cock (I had the distinct feeling that he saw me and was kind of showing off for me as well as his friend. Then he stepped back and kind of modeled his body to his friend, taking his phallus in his hands and stroking it. He was huge, not overly huge, but huge. He was clearly just enjoying masturbating and showing his meat to his friend (and me, maybe). This went on for a while they didn't touch more the older of the two just watching, not even jacking himself off. Just watching his young friend beat off.

I was enough in the open that if they were looking, they could easily see me. I had the feeling that the young guy definitely knew I was there. After all, he was the one who seemed OK with the idea of me joining them on that rock and just watching them. Now, he was giving a show for his friend, and, I felt sure, for me, too.

I was hard again the sun, the wind, the beauty of the location added to the various ways these guys were getting themselves off. I watched, sure the young dude was smiling at me. His friend watched, too.

He put his back up against the rock and half sat leaning back, his cock huge now with his own ministrations. He stroked slowly, but regularly, his other hand cupping and fondling his balls. Then, faster, his friend only a foot away, but not touching. His head went back, a loud moan (and, I swear, it came from both of them simultaneously because his friend had started jacking off while he watched, too. Their cocks exploded onto each other, the young guy's cock spurting at least four feet and farther. His body was convulsing with spasms as his cock exploded. The other guy contributed streams of white back against the stream, almost as if they were dueling.

In a few minutes they laughed, looked up at me still masturbating, and the young guy waved, smiled and they went back to their rock. In another minute I came again, remembering each of the three scenes. I was way over the time I had to get back, but my legs almost wouldn't carry me out of the steep canyon, they were so spent from standing and whacking off constantly for almost an hour.

I've been back and seen a lot of other things, but that first real experience stays with me, even though I remain a tits and ass guy, and I still go crazy every time there is a girl or straight couple in the canyon for me to watch.



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