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Daughters Massage

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This happened to me last year and having never heard of Solo Touch I, of course, didn't submit my story. Recently a friend told me about this site and I thought you might enjoy hearing my story. I can't imagine anyone else ever experiencing something like this.

I am thirty six and in excellent physical shape. Last year I joined an adult womens volley ball league and as fit as I am I still experienced lots of muscle fatigue and soreness in my legs the day after our first match. I played in at least three games that evening and it was probably two to many. I mentioned to my eighteen year old daughter Terri how achy my legs felt and that evening after I got my shower and into my robe Terri came into my room and offered to massage my legs. I thought it was a great idea and a nice gesture from my daughter.

Terri had me lie on my stomach on the bed and she knelt between my legs and began massaging my calves. I loved it! It was soothing and my muscles began to feel less tight and tired. Terri then pushed up my robe to the base of my butt and began massaging my thighs. She was quite firm and really worked my large muscles for a good ten minutes. I kiddingly told her I probably should pay her for doing this because I was totally enjoying the benefits.

Terri then had me turn over as she pulled my robe back in place. She started massaging my legs just above my knees and gradually she worked her way upwards toward the tops of my thighs. It was so relaxing. Terri had my robe raised quite high and I could feel the very tips of her fingers not too far from my pussy.

Terri was kneeling to the side of me now and then told me to 'open just a little.' I spread my legs a few inches and to be honest I was getting just a tiny bit uncomfortable now as her finger tips were as close to my pussy as one can get. I wasn't concerned about Terri noticing any hair because I don't have any but I was starting to get that sensation which all you women know what I'm referring to. All kinds of thoughts were going through my head now and I remember thinking what if Terri touched me there. I was anxious to say the least and I also felt worried, concerned and more than a little excited.

I was breathing heavily and rapidly and I just knew that Terri could sense my anxiety. She leaned forward and kissed me full on the lips and we held that kiss for awhile. My heart was pounding. I looked her in the eye and she smiled at me and then put her finger to her lips telling me to be quiet. I didn't know what Terri was going to do next but I found out real quick. Her finger tips now brushed across my outer lips as her two thumbs kneaded the inside of both thighs just an inch from my pussy. I know, I should have said, 'Ok Terri, that's enough now ' but I didn't. Actually I wanted to open my legs totally but I didn't dream of doing that.

I made a very half hearted effort to push her hands away but she went right back to what she was doing. Now Terri was very lightly rolling my outer lips between her fingers and then pulling a little on them. My face felt hot and I was almost panting. She then lifted up my robe exposing my entire pussy. She said, 'it's so pretty.' She pushed against the inside of my thighs and I opened my legs quite a bit. I was now heading toward total sexual excitement.

Terri then did the unthinkable, she gently inserted her finger up into my hole and then another finger. She very slowly began to pump her fingers in and out of me. I told her to put in another finger. I raised my knees and now my legs were wide open. Terri then started to flick my clit with her thumb. I was in heaven now. Terri then fully opened my robe and started playing with my nipples with one hand while continuing to rub my clit with the other one. You could hear the slurping sounds and it seemed so loud at the time.

After about five minutes of this I experienced probably the strongest orgasm I've ever had. As I lay on my back Terri kept her fingers in my hole and continued to pump them in and out of me. After a while I told her we better get out of my room or her father, my husband, might get suspicious or worse. I told Terri that I would return the favor when he was not around. Terri said she would love for me to touch her and make love to her. Three days later we did make love. Just like her mom, Terri's pussy was shaven. I loved running my fingers over its smooth surface. We explored some other things also but that's strictly between Terri and I.

There are lots of people who would say what she did and what I later did was wrong but we both loved it and will, in all likelyhood do it again. Looking back I don't know why I was so terribly anxious, it felt so so good.



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