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Dad's Toy

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Just a day with my single dad


So I am an only child and my mother is out of the picture, and has been for as long as I can remember. It has just been my dad and I living the life. We are pretty comfortable with each other since it has just been us two for so long. He would let me have the house for the night if I wanted to bring someone home and I did the same for him.

Just the other day he went to his friends and I brought a lady friend over. This were getting heated but I needed a condom. Naturally, I went to my dad's room to find one. I looked in his drawer and he was out so I decided to look in his dresser. I was surprised at what I saw. I saw a dildo. It was just a big black dildo. I was even more turned on but I grabbed the condom and continued with my night. After the deed, she left and I went to sleep.

After I woke up the next morning.... horny. I called my dad to see when he was coming home so we could go get breakfast and talk. He always picks up his phone, except when he was asleep. Of course he didn't pick up so I knew I had at least another 45 minutes alone. I needed to shower but I wanted to investigate my dad's dresser while I still had a chance.

I open up the dresser and I pull out his dildo. Yes, it could have been something left other from one of his fun nights. But he has not had a women over in quite some time. But it was in a nice clear case and it looked well taken care of. It was too orderly to be like a toy some girl left behind. I just had a feeling.

This feeling stemmed from my head and down to my balls. I was already horny and the thought that this dildo was my dad's. I have never had anything in my ass but I wouldn't mind trying know my dad did too. I could only barely get the tip in and my dick was throbbing hard. I pumped my dick with something in my ass. It was something new but I enjoyed it. I was so into my orgasm that I didn't hear my dad walk in.

He walks into his room with me on his bed and knees up with a dildo partly in my ass. He asked me what the fuck I was doing and I pulled up my pants and ran out. He went to my room, and talked to me through the door. He said if I wanted to tell him that I was gay I should now. And I was slightly angry and I say why didn't you tell me. And he said he wasn't and I said the same thing back.

I asked him my he had a dildo in his drawer and he asked why I had it in my ass. I stayed quite. He said he just wanted to hear me say that I was gay and wouldn't be mad. I said I wasn't and then asked why I wanted his dildo up my ass. I said I thought that since you do it I thought I should too. He said that his dildo was a mould of his dick and that he made it for this new girl he was seeing. The serious moment got awkward and I opened the door and laughed.

He smirked a little but asked me what to do from here. And I just said to NEVER mention it again. Thank God my dad is cool and we are able to just forget this.

It was weird cumming with something in my ass, but I liked it and clearly my dick did too. The strangest thing is that I some how had my dad's dick in my ass.

ANYWAY, I suggest putting something in your ass and jacking off. It is weird. But GOOD. Everyone must try it.



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