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Cum in Her Coffee

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A week of sexually filled messages ends up with her stifling her orgasm in her office at work and me filling up her cup.


I once struck up an online relationship with a lady who became a supplier of my firm. In the days leading up to me seeing her at her work, we exchanged many naughty messages building a real sexual tension between us both. We had already 'played' at our desks whilst chatting after dicovering a love for masturbation and naughtiness at work. We messaged that morning building the tension up till she demanded I paid her a visit.

I requested she wore a long floaty dress, underware was optional that day. So, when I went to see her in her office one quiet Friday I shut the door of her office behind me and walked round to her desk. She smiled at me knowing what was about to happen. I just knelt down with her sat in her office chair, opened legs either side of me and pushed up her dress up to her thighs..

My hands parted her bare thighs till I caught sight of her pussy. I immediately brought my face to her cunt and nuzzled her pubic hair with my nose till my tongue slipped inside. God she was already wet, my tongue darted over her clit and into her hole, I licked her up and down as she squirmed in her seat. I heard her panting and she started to shake, squeezing my ears with her thighs as her orgasm built. Suddenly there was a knock at the door! She had to call out she was on a conference call and not to be disturbed (luckily I was hidden from view behind her desk!) as her door has a small window, and we were out of view. I quickened my pace and my inquisitive fingers joined my tongue, finger fucking her as I licked her swollen bud... my flingers flicked over her clit, rubbing her intently that was it, I brought her to an amazing orgasm. She came hard but stifled her screams as I lapped up her juices....

That was amazing to feel and made me so very very hard. After a minute or two of recovery I removed my head from under her dress and sat in the chair next to her, she greedily looked at the buldge in my jeans, smiled as she un buttoned me, and proceeded to wank me off as we pretended to discuss figures behind her computer desk. Her fingers gripped and re-released my shaft at the perfect moments to build me up and slow me down. She felt the ridge of my foreskin and onto the glistening head of my cock, playing with my pre-cum before going back down and massaging my balls. I thrust my hips forwards as she took hold of the length of my shaft and wanked me up and down. It did not take me long and she sensed my cum building, so as not to make a mess she quickly grabbed her coffee cup and wanked me upwards from the base, pointing my hard cock into her drink, till I exploded my spunk right into it! She kept wanking me up from the base of my balls to the top each time squeezing more cum out, she eagerly watched the drops of semen fall into the remaining contents of her drink till I was spent.

She put the cup on her desk and swooshed it around a bit just as her phone rang, she picked it up with her cum covered hand as her left hand returned to my dick and stroked and caressed my still-hard cock. She played and toyed with me, rubbing my cum over my cock playfully and scratching with her nails as she spoke to her line-manager. She gave me a final squeeze as she put the phone down and licked her fingers.

“Ok that was great, cum again in two weeks…” were the only words she said to me as she brought the coffee cup to her mouth and winked at me as I opned her door and left her office, exiting the building trying to hide my flushed face.



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