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Cousins In The Dam Pt 2

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This is part 2 of "cousins in the dam" which can be found on the 28th of June under male male. True story it actually happened I'm just not that much of a story writing person sorry guys.


While we were at our grandparents place we shared a room and a bed together and that night we talked about what we did that day before falling asleep.

We woke up the next morning and did the usual, having breakfast and watching tv. Then our grandparents came into the room and told us they were leaving to go into town for the day.

Once they left my cousin suggested we head back down to the dam for a swim as it was another hot day. We got down to the dam and decided we would go skinny dipping. We had already seen and played with each other so we didn't mind being naked.

We swam around for a bit when I decided to get out and lay under the sun. I layed there eyes closed and about 5 minutes later I felt hands on my balls. I opened my eyes to find my cousin between my legs, I smiled and closed my eyes as my cousin grabbed my dick and slowly started pulling the foreskin back and forth over my dick head.

He slowly worked the pace up, pre cum leaking out of my dick everywhere. His other free hand went back to massaging my balls, was the best feeling. It was long after that I told him that I was gonna cum and that's when he pumped my dick really fast. I lifted my bum off the ground as my dick tensed up and my balls tighten, my cousin looking directly at my dick and than I exploded about 8 ropes of cum, my biggest yet.

My body was shaken with intensity, I could feel my dick pulsating and it was the best feeling ever. I just layed there until I recovered and thanked my cousins and all he did was smile at me.

I thought it was only fair to return the favour and as he lay down I grabbed his dick which was covered in precum and I slowly started pulling his foreskin back and forth over his dick head my other hand playing with his balls and only two minutes later his dicked shot about 6 ropes of cum all over his chest, stomach and my hand.

We lay there for a bit before we decided to go for another swim and clean ourselves up. About 10 minutes later we went back to the house and watched tv for like two hours before our grandparents came back.

That night we were in bed and I said to my cousin how much I enjoyed what he did to me down at the dam and he was like dude I know I could tell and he was like you gave me the best orgasm ever. We laughed about it when my cousin said he was hard again and I said I was too. We took of our boxer shorts lay on our sides rolled our foreskins back and rubbed our dick heads together.

Only took a few minutes before we were leaking precum which helped make our dick heads slide together more easier. It was than my cousin said he had an idea and I layed back on my back like he asked, got between my legs and started stroking my dick before his head went down and put my dick in his mouth. It was even better than what happened that day and it took me a couple of seconds before I cummed in his mouth.

Surprisingly he swallowed my cum and he layed back down. I sucked him off also but I didn't like the idea of him cumming in my mouth and asked him to tell me when he was just about to cum but he didn't he just cummed in my mouth and I was a little surprised that it tasted alright.

We put back on our boxer shorts and fell asleep rather quickly.

We were going to be together for one more day and night. If you want to hear more please leave a comment below.



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