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Cousins and Mirrors

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Cousins Peek at Their Sisters


One summer when he was staying with my family, my cousin taught me the trick of using a mirror to look under a door and to see into the next room.  My bedroom was in the basement and my door opened into the family room.  Late at night, my sister and her boyfriend would be on the couch making out; my cousin and I would be in just our underwear and we would lie on the floor next to each other and pass the mirror back and forth to watch them go at it.  There wasn't a lot of room next to the door, so one time when he lay face-down on the floor with the mirror, I crawled on top of him with my body running the full length of his.  We were wearing underwear, so there wasn't direct contact, but my dick rested nicely against his butt crack.  I worried I might have taken things too far, but he didn't say anything.  He just described what he saw until I couldn't take it any longer, and said it was my turn to peep.

I rolled off him and wondered whether he would lie next to me or on top of me like I had done with him.  He climbed on top of me and I could feel his dick pressing on my ass crack; so, I knew he had been cool with it, though neither of us acknowledged what we felt.  I then described for him what I saw. My sister and her boyfriend didn't get too wild, so my cousin and I had to embellish what we were observing. It always ended up being extra sexy since he and I were pressed against each other.  I don't remember getting a raging boner from it, but I worried that I might.  When his cock was pressed against me, I couldn't tell if he was hard or not. I sure didn't ask him because I worried that, if we talked about it, the spell would be broken.

Later that summer, I went to stay at his house and we tried the mirror trick again to watch his sister.  She was sitting on the floor in her room, leaning against her bed reading a book.  We had an excellent view.  She was wearing a t-shirt and panties.  At first, she was just reading, but then she started to absentmindedly rub her leg in small circles as she read.  My cousin got a little nervous, I think, because it looked like she could end up masturbating if she kept up with what she was doing.  We kind of made jokes about it since I think we were both surprised. Nevertheless, we kept taking turns watching and narrating for the other guy what we saw.  Since we were lying on the floor out in the open in their hallway, we weren't wearing just our underwear. We did continue with our routine of lying on top of each other as we peeped and describing what we saw for the other guy's benefit.

Her hand moved from her outer thigh to her inner and she set down the book, so I knew she was going for it.  I was so interested in what I was seeing, that I had stopped narrating it for my cousin. He humped my ass a couple of times to get my attention and whispered, “What's she doing?”  I responded that she had put down her book and was going for it.  He thought I was making that up but I insisted I was not.  He said, “Maybe you shouldn't watch that, Cuz, since it's my sister.  Give me the mirror.”  I handed him the mirror and he rolled off my back.  He positioned himself to watch his sister under the door, and I positioned myself on my cousin's back.  I kept asking him what she was doing now, and he kept telling me to be quiet.  He silently watched his sister.  I just lay there feeling the warmth from his body.  I could feel him squirming a little underneath me, when suddenly, he whispered, “Oh man.”  Then he said, “Get off me a sec.”  I rolled off and he jumped up and went into the bathroom which was to our left.  He said he had to take a shit and he shut the door.

I waited outside the door, trying to listen and I heard him unspool some toilet paper, but I didn't hear him sit down on the toilet.  He was in there a few minutes, and I could hear him rustling around and opening and closing cabinets. Then he flushed the toilet and came out and said, “Okay, let's go back downstairs.”  I said that I had to pee first, so he said he'd meet me downstairs.  I went into the bathroom and looked around, but I didn't see any toilet paper. I figured he had flushed that down the toilet.  I quickly looked in the bathroom cupboards, and there on the floor of their linen closet was the underwear my cousin had been wearing.  It was wadded up, so I picked it up and sure enough, it was wet with cum. He had shot his wad while he watched his sister masturbating as I lay on his back.  He had gone into the bathroom to clean up and took off his underwear, which meant he was now going commando in his shorts.  Of course, I had to immediately jerk off into his underwear and put it back on the floor of the closet.  Then I went downstairs and joined him in his room.  We didn't talk about what we had seen, but I spent the rest of the night trying to slyly look up the leg of his shorts to see his balls. 



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