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Cousin Love Part Seven

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Continuing Love and incest between me and my wifes cousin...




Here it is now a couple of months later we hadnít been together or even spoke to each other, didnít know what was happening with her and her fiancť.  My wife had spoken to her cousin but wasnít talking much and I didnít want to ask her that would have started a war if you know what I mean. 

My wife was out shopping one night at the store with her mother buying clothes, clothes she wouldnít wear anyway she would bring them home and hang them in the closet like all the rest of the ones she spent money on.  Nothing that I like just frumpy looking shit that she thought was good looking, garbage that an old lady would wear, shifts, house dresses stuff like that.  Suddenly, the phone rings and I answer to my surprise itís her cousin, she says hello, I answer, Hi, how are you?  She says she is fine and asks for my wife I tell she isnít home she says oh okay well thatís okay I can talk to you then if thatís alright?  Of course, I say, and we talk for a while before she hangs up she asks if we can get together in two days I tell her of course name the time I will be there.  She tells me and we say good bye and she reminds me to tell my wife that she called she wants to speak to her.  I say okay I will.

Two days later we meet at her apartment as usual, she is waiting for me only this time I am blown away with what she is wearing.  A satin baby doll nightgown light pink see thru with light pink undies so shear there was no mistaking her pussy in them and of course they were thong running up the crack of her ass.  I could tell as she walked in front of me up the stairs.  I could see everything I needed to see her beautiful ass and pussy.  We got to the top of the stairs and she turned around, I was two or three steps behind her so as she turned her pussy was almost in my face, oh right on face and eye level.  She pulled the baby doll top up exposing the panties and there was this voluptuous beautiful body staring me in the face.  She then slowly put her fingers on the sides of her panties and pulled them down just enough to expose her pussy, there it was in front of me.  I moved in closer put my face in between her legs and started to lick, she was wet already, she grabbed my head and pulled me in closer harder and harder and said suck it, suck it hard lick my cunt make me cum in your mouth now.  It didnít take long before she was cumming as we stood there on the steps, me licking her pussy and her cumming in my mouth, oh my god she was cumming so fucking hard she wasnít stopping as I kept licking sucking and licking her pussy.  She must have had five orgasms while I sucked on her.  She was holding on to the stair rails as her legs opened wider and wider lick my asshole she begged as I went further and further down under her legs until I found it.  My tongue found the little hole and as I started to lick it she began to play with her pussy her fingers found their way to that magical spot on her clit that was making her cum more and more as I licked her ass she was cumming and cumming all over my face.  I was now rubbing her breasts with one hand and playing with her nipple with the other she couldnít move she was cumming so fucking hard, her legs were shaking, she was cumming I was having so much fun making her cum she wanted more but what, I didnít know what.  Put your finger in my ass she yelled play with my ass with your finger then lick my pussy please make me cum that way, and I did my finger wet with her cum went right in her ass one digit at a time, slowly as she moaned and moaned in ecstasy.  She was cumming and cumming more and more I was finger fucking her ass, licking her pussy she was playing with her tits and she was cumming.  Next thing I knew she sat down on the top step of the stairs and said fuck me now stick your cock into me now, as I dropped my pants all the way off, I was naked as a jay bird on the steps and then while we were right there I was ready to fuck her and I did.

I slowly entered her pussy in it went easily her pussy was so wet from all her cumming and my licking there wasnít any problem putting it in.  I pushed hard all the way in it went I could feel her pussy tighten up as she squeezed her pussy around my cock.  She was squeezing so fucking hard, harder and harder she squeezed me and I moved in and out of her pussy, she was cumming all over the place then she started to squirt right there on the steps, she was squirting and squirting pussy juices from her urethra, just has she had done in the past, she could not stop as she was having orgasm after orgasm she continued to squirt, we were soaked and I mean soaked.  Itís a good thing that I had gotten undressed as I did or else my clothes would have been all wet with her pussy juices and fluids.  We fucked on the steps for an hour like that it was great then she laid down on the floor, as she had been on the top step, she put her feet up one on the wall and one on the bannister giving me a wider view and easier entry into her pussy.  Her entire bottom was available for me to lick suck and fuck everything including her ass hole, it was all ready for me, her cum had dripped down and made her ass wet so entry was easy my cock was wet from her cum and it went in nice and easy, I slowly inserted it in her ass she moaned in joy, I sucked on her tits as she played with her pussy she was cumming as I pushed slowly, I could feel her asshole tighten around my cock as it went in further and further, she was lifting her hips off the floor making me go in further, it felt so fucking good it was so tight and warm, she was cumming more and more from her pussy as I was moving my cock in her ass I was getting ready to cum, I couldnít wait any longer, I yelled ďI cummingĒ she said ďyes, yes cum in me nowĒ as I shot my hot wet seeds into her ass she felt every pulsation of my cock in her tight ass, all ten spurts of my cum filled her asshole, it was running out there was so much cum and not enough room for it inside her.  Oh my god what a feeling, it was totally mind blowing as usual, the sex with her was like nothing that we could imagine, nothing that we could ever think anyone would ever have much less us.

We stayed like this, in this position until my cock became limp and worked its way out of her ass by its self her muscles pushed it out and that felt amazing also, having her rectum push my cock out what a feeling that was.  She could control everything that we did during love making it was so great we complimented each other in so many ways, except we werenít married to each other yet that didnít seem to matter.

 After my cock came out of her we went to the bedroom she washed me off and laid me down on her bed.  She then proceeded to spread my legs open put her head down on my cock and began to suck my cock, this made me hard again stiff as a rod straight up as she licked the top around and around she licked me, then she raised my legs up on her shoulders exposing my ass crack she spread it wide and took her finger and rand it up and down the crack slowly passing it over my ass hole.  As it passed over my ass hole puckered and my cock went further into her mouth and she sucked harder on meÖ. oh what a feeling she was giving me, I could hardly contain my cum.  She slowly pushed the tipoff her finger into my asshole, her finger was wet with her cum so it went in pretty easy, it felt good, I had never experienced a finger in my ass but here she was finger fucking my ass for me.  I could feel it as she slowly pushed it in she was looking for my prostate and she knew exactly where to find it.  Her middle finger was all the way in now and she rotated it around so it was facing the front she bent it up and bingo she found the spot, as she massaged my prostate I could feel my cock getting harder and harder and could feel the precum flowing, she was now down on me sucking my cock as she fingered my ass I was in seventh heaven like never before and she knew it as she continued to fuck my ass and suck on me.  In and out she moved her finger then she picked up the pace faster and faster she was fucking my asshole sucking my cock I was ready to cum and I did.  I filled her mouth with my hot cum and she sucked me dry sucking fucking sucking and fucking she didnít stop, her mouth was full, full of my cum it was dripping out of the corners of her mouth and then she swallowed it down slowly all of it licking my cock to get it all, not missing of it.  She continued to play with my prostrate knowing that it would make me continue to cum and I did and she licked and licked the tip, the shaft and my balls.

I was completely satisfied she had performed sexual acts on me that I had only dream and fantasized about her doing, and her she was doing them to me.  She then started work her way up my body kissing my stomach then my chest then my face and then my lips as she thrust her tongue into my mouth I could taste my cum as it made its way from her mouth to mine.  Oh, how good it tasted how sweet.  She laid on top of me her pussy straddling my cock my cock was nestled in between her pussy lips, it started to get hard again just by her being close to me that way.  It didnít take it long to find its way into her pussy, here she was on top of me my cock inside of her, she pulled her knees up so she was riding me in a horseback position.  Now she was in charge as she moved back and forth moving her pussy on my cock as it went in and out of her pussy up against her clit she moaned in ecstasy as she rubbed it more and more.  I could feel her cumming but she wasnít ready to have that big orgasm yet she kept on moving back and forth faster and faster, she leaned back exposing the top of her pussy, and as she did she pit two of her fingers down on top of my cock and started to play with her clit.  Now not only was she moving on my cock but she was playing with her clit, more and more she couldnít stop, she was pushing harder and harder on me playing faster and faster with her clit and then suddenly there it was that big orgasm as she screamed ďIím cummingĒ she pushed down so hard on my cock I could feel it hit her cervix and thought it was going to go out her back.  This caused me to cum and I shot my hot cum inside of her also filling her wet hot pussy with me cumming and mixing with hers as it leaked out all over the both of us, there was the biggest cream pie ever. Just dripping and dripping all over us the hair on my balls was so fucking wet her bald pussy was so slimy and now she was rubbing her hands in it and tasting the mixture and licking her hands.  She then put her hands into my mouth to let me taste it. 

We stayed like that for a while her just sitting on me with my cock inside of her pussy, it seemed that my cock would just not get soft for some reason it stayed hard as she slowly moved back and forth continuing to cum all over me.  She finally laid down on top of me her body covering me she wrapped her arms around me and held me tight and we fell asleep.  When we woke up it was dark out and I had overstayed my visit, it was time to leave.  I probably was going to be in trouble I certainly didnít have an excuse for being away for this amount of timeÖ oh well only time would tell when I got home, wouldnít it?



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