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Country Cousin

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My family is from a small town in Mississippi. We moved to the big city when I was very young.

Every summer my mother and father would have what seems like a rule that I go back to spend time with my family. I understand their reasons but the main one is that I appreciate what I have. This story is about a what happened on one of these trips.

I was about 13 and skinny as a pencil. I have a ton of cousins most of them boys that beat me up just cause that is what you do to the family members that can't beat you back. They all have brothers or sisters except for one, Little Dave. I don't know why we call him Little Dave, he was as tall as I was. I am an only child and so is he. I enjoyed his company because even when we wrestled I had a chance to take him. He is what my Dad calls a big country boy.

His family lived in a house in the middle of nowhere, so even though I liked Dave I hated going to his house, but it was better than getting pounded.

It was a rainy afternoon and my uncle and aunt were in the kitchen eating and Dave and I were in the middle of a WWF marathon when my uncle came in asking us to help him pull the gates closed around the farm; when the weather got bad animals would come up to the house. So were out in the rain running through the mud and rain.

My uncle and Dave are running around with no shirt and shoes on and I am fully dressed, but by the time we finish I am drenched. We get back to the kitchen and my aunt has brought this big wash tub into the kitchen and has four big pots of water on the stove. We had to wash before we walked all the crap back into the house. She says strip and get in the water. At 13 I am like nope, but I knew arguing with her would mean trouble later.

Dave is naked and standing by the stove in like half a second while she is gathering up his shorts. She justs looks at me and says, I know more than you so get them off. So I reluctantly get naked and she picks up my clothes and heads out the kitchen.

LD (Little Dave)is starting to fill the tub with water. He is not ashamed of his body at all. He is skinny and got well defined muscles and his dick was about as long as mine was and he had hair almost as much hair as me. He finished with filling the tub and stepped in and looked at me and smiled. I was like get done and at that moment my uncle walks in and says get in, and I knew better than to argue with him, so in I went.

He stripped to his boxers and walked out of the kitchen. LD was washing himself and so I started. We were both standing in the tub, LD asked me to wash his back and I turn to see what I consider a perfect body and as he turns to tell me to get all the dirt and his dick is sticking straight out and taps my thigh. The brief glimpse I get starts my own dick to growing so when sits in the tub I go down also and were facing each other.

As were sitting in the tub my uncle and aunt come in say they have to head down the road to help an elderly couple. No more than there out the door than LD stands up and with his dick in his belly button grabs a towel and tells me to get dried off and hurry up. Seeing this makes me hard to and I and ashamed to stand, he says your hard I can see it so get dried off I wanna show you something. There is only one towel so after he was done he hands it to me and heads out the kitchen and tells me to come on. I dry off and I walk naked down the hall hard as a stone to the front room. He stops in his folks room and brings out a video called taboo, and we go to the front room and he puts in the tape and sex starts up. He sits on the couch and starts masturbating and tells me to hurry up before they come back.

I am just shocked that he even did it cause he was young and I had just started. He says hurry up, I slowly start stroking, while watching his hand fly up and down his cock which was as long as mine. He says why are you going so slow, he reaches over and pulls me down next to him and says hurry, they will be back in like 30 minutes and we could do it twice. He went back to work on his dick and I started to stroke mine slower, and to my amazement he reaches over and takes my cock and says fast like this. When he touched me it was like my stomach was going to jump out my body. But before we could finish we hear the car come up and he jumps up pops out the tape and runs down the hall, and I run right behind him. He screams for me to turn off the TV and I catch up to him he is pouring the bath water out on the rear porch and we both run to his room and jumps in to his bed and I am right behind him as his folks come back in.

My aunt tells us to go ahead and go to sleep and no more than she leaves us that he is back to jackin. I start up with him and in the middle he just jumps on me and we start wrestling. I soon realize that is not what he is doing once his cock touches mine. He starts to hump towards me and almost on instinct I start back at him. We do that for about 10 minutes before we cum on each other. He rolls off me and I look down and were both smeared with cum, I whisper what do we clean up with, he answers why clean up don't you wanna do it again. I was at his house for six days and we jerked off all over the house in the woods and what continued to amaze me that he never asked me if he could do anything he just did it and I liked it all. I enjoy all my trips to visit till this day and look forward to seeing him.



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