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Clear the Air

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Moan first. what I write is 100% true, unless I tell you it’s a fantasy. My story, Brother Oh Brother, made some ill-informed, and jealous moron suggest that I’m a young guy with a messed up mind. He’s entitled to his opinion, of course, but I’m female through and through. If you don’t like my stuff, then please, jog on.  While I thoroughly enjoy sharing my sexual development here, I’m not going to be abused for my troubles.  Oh, an Admins, despite cache flushing, the add comment button, while visible, doesn’t work for me, or I’d have put this there.  Now.....I joined ST because I enjoyed the liberation of University where I have explored and experienced more things than ever before, and I get a buzz out of sharing my exploits. If this becomes a hassle for me, I’ll move to another site.  Comment, by all means, but don’t call me a liar. 


Now that’s out of the way, it’s been quite a calm weekend with Nikki. She’s settled in well, and is a brilliant cook....unlike me. I can burn boiling water. 

From what I’ve learned, she masturbates every night. At first, she made an effort to keep quiet, but now, a little over a week later, she doesn’t bother. She moans, and swears when she cums. She hasn’t made any move to join me in bed, although she does watch me when I do it.....I make sure the covers are off me and she hasn’t complained either verbally or by turning to face the wall. She lies on her side, watching and sometimes with her hand clamped between her legs. 

Panties? Yes...I have to confess, I’ve used them. She smells really .....gosh.....how do you describe a vagina.......she smells “soft”......there’s no harshness to her sent,  no bitterness, just soft, sweet pussy. 

I would dearly love to smell her directly, but I’m not going to risk a complaint, or worse. If anything is to happen, she will have to make the move. 

We have talked about girl/girl sex though. Nikki is interested, but I’m not sure I’d describe her as curious. I told her that in my view, sex with another girl is way less inhibited than with a guy. For me, there’s always a pretence with guys. They are trying to come over all “worlds greatest lover”, and most of them would never tell you what they’d really like to do, and girls, well, I know sometimes when I’m with a guy I DONT ask for something I’d really like in case he thinks I’m a slut, or worse, spreads the word! It’s play acting. You don’t get that with another girl. 

I told Nikki that I cum harder and longer with another girl, that we seem to know what the other wants.....we are definitely better at picking up on body language that guys are. I told her about the time I was being fingered and I just suddenly wanted a finger up my bum. All I did was tilt my pelvis ever so slightly, and my lover knew exactly what I wanted. No words, just instinct. 

Being bi, it’s vital that when I’m talking sex with another girl, especially one I share a room with, that I’m open and honest, so when Nikki asked if she turns me on, I told her that I enjoy when we masturbate at night. I like looking at her, and I’d like to see her totally naked. She told me she likes looking at me too. Win win so far. Then she asked me if I wanted to touch her. I told her that yes, I’d like to, but for me it doesn’t work like that. I would never make a move on her unless she made it clear that’s what she wanted. “What if I want you to, but I haven’t said so?” I said “Look Nikki. If you want to try a few things, then sure, I’m up for that, but you get to call the shots.” I admitted out talk had got me horny and I would be cumming later. 

Before sleep, I had a long, slow masturbation session during which I kicked my duvet off altogether. Let her look at me or not. Her call. To my great delight, Nikki did the same. Fuck, she’s beautiful! Tall, elegant, long legs that I would die to have wrapped around my head! We just lay in our respective beds and did ourselves. 

Just before I dozed off, I felt sure Nikki and I would be doing more than this soon, but, strangely, I feel uneasy about it too. 



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