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Circle Jerks

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The first time I ever masturbated in front of anyone was when I was about 11 years old. I had 2 really good friends, Chucky and Arley, they were about a year younger than me. We hung out together a lot and one of our favorite places was our clubhouse down by the railroad tracks.
That summer we started noticing that the girls that we went to school had started to develop small breasts. One afternoon we were talking about how a mutual female friend was starting to get small tits. After a while Chucky changed the conversation and ask me if I ever masturbated. I told him I'd been doing it for about 2 years. He then suggested that the 3 of us do it right there and see who could get the 'Oooh,ooh' feeling first. So with out hesitation we dropped our pants and sat in a circle on the ground. I looked at Chucky and Arley's dicks and they looked like little buttons, they were both overweight. Mine was about 3 inches and skinny. I was already half hard and started stroking my dick while I watched the other work on their's. Their dicks were so small that they held their hands over their dicks and used their tips of their fingers to pull their dicks up and down. After a few minutes Chucky started breathing hard and he straightened his legs out and said ' here it comes'. He started pulling harder and faster on his button of a dick. Arley was doing his faster too. Chucky let out a couple of grunts and relaxed. About that time I got the 'Ooh.ooh' feeling too. Arley was working harder now until he finally grunted and bucked his hips, he finally had the feeling to.
The rest of the summer we continued our circle jerks just about every day and slept over at each others houses as much as we could. Of course we always masturbated together when we would have our sleep overs.



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