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Church Camp Heaven

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I still have a picture of this girl.


My friend Bob and I went to church camp the summer that we were 12. We had done some jacking together looking at Bob's dad's magazine collection but were both still shooting blanks. Our boy's cabin had 4 sets of bunk beds inside and 1 bunk bed on an enclosed porch. Bob and I were on the porch.

The practice in those days was to have a 'sister' cabin of girls that we did games and classes and crafts with. Our counselor was a non-descript fellow who I don't remember, but our 'sister' counselor was an incredibly hot 16 year old girl named Penny. Penny would come to our cabin at lights out and kiss all ten of us good night.

By the 2nd or 3rd night she was giving us a nice kiss right on the lips. She had the nicest, puffy, soft lips and I know she knew she was giving a bunch of young boys raging boners. I was on the top bunk and would look down her blouse every time and she her nice tits. She wore a significant bra as they did in those days but that didn't matter to me at that age.

She always kissed Bob and I last. One night she hadn't come by the cabin and it was getting late. We were all worried we weren't gonna get our kiss. Soon all of the other guys and the counselor were asleep and Bob and I were whispering that we should head over to the girls cabin to get our kiss.

Right then our door quietly opened and Penny came over to whisper to us that she was sorry she was late but had a problem with one of the girls in here cabin. She asked if we were the only ones awake and we told her we were. She said, 'Good, I can give you extra attention.'

I looked down and she was giving Bob a long kiss. The street light outside the cabin shined just enough light in for me to notice that Bob was sporting quite a tent immediately. I of course sprung one myself. It was throbbing so much that I wanted to wank it but I thought Penny would notice.

The next thing I hear was Bob making strange noises kinda like 'Oh Oh Oh.' I peaked down again and I couldn't believe my eyes. Penny had thrown off Bob's sheet and was giving him a hand job. It didn't take more that about 30 seconds and I heard him grunt and exhale. I watched her pull the sheet back up and tell him to go to sleep now.

She immediately stood up and kissed me full on the lips. Her tongue forced it's way between my teeth and met mine. It was the most erotic thing that ever had happened to me. I had the hardest 5-inch erection that I'd ever experienced. Of course I was hoping beyond hope that she was going to do for me what she did for Bob. Sure enough she threw back my sheet grabbed my dick from my shorts and proceeded to stroke it. Her hand was warm and soft and I know now that she knew how to do this very well. She played with my tight little ball sack briefly and then went back to the main up-and-down quickly. I started to feel that trembling in my stomach and even an almost nauseous feeling. She sensed that I was close and slowed just a bit and let me excruciate in the moment. I orgasmed for longer than I ever had doing it myself and even though it was still dry it was incredible.

Penny covered me back up, said 'You're cute' and said 'Sleep tight'. She came back for the kisses the rest of the week but we never got another hand job. We did plenty of that ourselves.



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