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Christina and Chris

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I have been match making between christina and Chris. Turns out, she has been feeling the hots for him for about as long as he has for her. We have had quite a few girly talks now, two of,which were quite...um...interesting. (Ok, I'll admit, she asked how he was since the accident, and I told her that he has found 'taking care' of himself impossible. Christina suggested that I should do it for him to which I blushed, and said "well....actually...." she was up on her knees on the bed in an instant demanding that I tell her the complete details....ALL the complete details. As I talked to her, I could see the effect it was having, so I talked like an erotic story here, building gently, teasing a little, and Christina showed a side of her that I would never have guessed at. "For fucks sake keep talking.....I'm going to Jill myself off...do you mind?" I said that I might join in! So, I talked, she and I wanked, and we had a nice cum....well....a couple of cums, actually, together.  Christina says she has no interest sexually in other girls, (yet?) but who knows.....oh....she also doesn't know how far Chris and ai have gone either.


Christina has started visiting Chris....often. At first she wore the standard jeans and a boring top,,,maybe a jumper.  Certainly nothing to inflame a man's passions, but that soon changed. By her third visit, she had a little,dress on that was barely there. As I followed her up the stairs, I could see right up it. Damn, that girl has the sexiest arse I've ever seen. The thong was placed to perfection too. I don't know what all the muscles groups are called, but obviously, I saw her bum cheeks, but also her gap too...oh, you know, the bit between her bum cheeks on the way to her hole. Fuck it....the gap....work it out.

So, into Chris's room she went. Door closed, and nothing but my imagination to work out what the fuck was going on in there.

You have no idea how much I wanked shelf during that time! Of course they must be doing something sexy....but what? 

I waited the better part of three hours, and heard not a sound. Nothing. Eventually the door opened, and Christina left, waving goodbye to me as she drifted down the stairs. She had the look of someone who has had a very nice time!

I was in Chris's room before she had shut the door behind her. "So? Tell me! What happened? You were Sooo quiet. I couldn't hear a thing." 

For a moment, I thought Chris wasn't going to say anything. Instead he pulled his quilt,back and said, "suck me." I thought that being with Christina for all that time, her being in that follow me, fuck me dress had got him worked up, so I thought I would deal with his lent up feelings first, then get the juicy details later. His cock was 3/4 hard, and as I sucked it into my mouth, I tasted the unmistakable taste and scent of another girls vagina! Christina had fucked him! Sucking him off was a dual pleasure. His whole shaft was covered in girl juice. He doesn't have pubes, but his mound area was also covered in it.

He came, but nothing like as much as usual. Well, he wouldn't would he? Most of it was up Christina! 

I wanted to know how come there was no noise. Chris is a noisy shagger....believe me, I know. He reached under his pillow for the thong I'd seen her wearing earlier. She had stuffed his mouth with it, apparently, the actual sex act hadn't taken that long. They were both really ready.

Chris handed me the panties, and I got to smell that familiar cunt/pee scent that I love so much. "Christina say they are to keep me going until tomorrow." Lucky sod....they'd keep ME going too. 

A thought struck me. "Did she suck them herself?" Chris said that she did. That's hopeful. If she likes her own taste, maybe she'd like mine too? 

Chris said they'd talked about me helping him out and that she found the thought very sexy. Christina had apparently asked if she can watch me wank Chris off. Now that might lead to something wonderful....she's coming back tomorrow morning....I'll let you know!



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